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Generalisimo Gaar Babba NO LIKEE!!!

Dedicated to the defeat of The Big Prick, its allies, and all others who engage in the misguided practice of random or combat revivification.

A Call to Arms (and Legs and other Meaty Bits)


*The anthropomorphic hot dog waves to the crowd as they shuffle and moan.*

Brazzahz! Zahzzahz! Those of indeterminate gender, like me!

*Waits for the 'Har!' from the back to die down.*

Not long ago, the food was no longer biting back, but that was because there was so little food to go around! We all know what happened there.

But lately, it's gone the other way! Lately, the food have been hiding their tasty bodies again in the crunchy shells of buildings! Lately, the bahbah zambahz starve as we try to crack open those prizes and find the tasty treats inside, only to be headshot and cast aside by one of a hundred inside a needlehaus or banghaus!

*Pauses to push back his cowboy hat.*

But it has always been that way, and that's okay.

What's not okay is this bunch of food that's decided that they're going to "to redress the balance between zombies and survivors" - that they're going to be Big Pricks!

Now, I'm not one to cast aspersions on someone's lifestyle choice, but that is sheer Life Cultism. Why, heck, I'd even say it was Mortist!

*Starts to whittle with his axe on a femur.*

Seems to me that the only imbalance between the food and our kind of folks is that there's too many of them and not enough of us, and now these Big Pricks want to make it worse? Heck, how is the food supposed to grow up big and strong if there aren't any zambahz to play with? This doesn't even mention the bad food they bring back with all their random reviving.

Maybe it all made sense a couple of months ago, but right now, it's just plain bad for zambahz and food alike.

So, I ask you, brazzahz and zahzzahz, food and bad food, come and Lick the Prick with us! --Ginormous 22:03, 12 June 2008 (BST)

Where are the Pricks?

Right now, they should be getting to Crowbank, specifically Burt Square Police Department and the surrounding areas. We'll try and keep you informed about where to get your licks in.--Ginormous 05:07, 18 August 2008 (BST)

Where are the Prick Lickers?

Turn around! GRAAAGH!!! Join us by submitting an application (written in Big Prick blood) on the discussion page.--Cool Puppy 22:08, 25 June 2008 (BST)

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