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Life in Malton are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 12:55, 1 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Life in Malton
Abbreviation: LiM
Group Numbers: ~12
Leadership: Joint Leadership
Goals: Articulate, Entertaining Role Play
Recruitment Policy: Nonexistant
Contact: Comment in the 'discussion' section

Life in Malton is a group bent less on in game mechanics, statistics and tactics, and more on ongoing forum-based role play. It has no official leader and does not require that group-members place anything in their group name, or even that all members be in the same place inside the game at the same time. All that the group requires is that its members be reasonably apt with writing and story-telling skills, and either that they know how to or are willing to learn how to role play in a free-form, etiquette-based manner.


It's been two years since the quarantine trapped residents of Malton into their current lives, and while life is hell, it's begun to settle into a cold and difficult routine. People go mad in their solitude, as they cycle between life and unlife and lose more of their humanity with every death and every needle. There are those who band together for protection, or under the orders of outsiders, or for simple warmth, and there are those who work hard to keep the spark of community alive in the splinters of this city.

Currently entering into deep winter (or the beginning of the new year, if those who still follow calenders are to be believed) things are beginning to get really difficult. Malnutrition and sickness are beginning to take their toll, and of course there are always zombies to avoid. More then ever, people who huddle over fires or snatch brief moments of heat from powered buildings need to talk, and they have many stories to tell.

Fights are fought, friendships are forged, and life in Malton goes on.

To Join

At the moment, one may apply for membership (and further information) by dropping a note in the 'discussion' section of this page. Yes, there is a forum on which this group bases its roleplay, but you'll be required to submit a character-sheet for review or an example of your writing skills before you'll be allowed to join. This may change when plans for this group become more concrete, but for now, this is the way it goes.

Current Events

Life in Malton is currently working on adding flavor text to the building and street descriptions in the Urban Dead Wiki in the Wyke Hills, West Grayside, East Grayside and Hollomstown regions to enhance the In Character aspects of the game.

If you'd care to add any information, please feel free to do so.

Some recent examples can be found at the below descriptions:

Character Stats Sheets

This section contains links to stats sheets. (Please post 'em in alphabetical order, and label NPC's as such, for example, writing "*Agate <sup>NPC</sup>" shows up as Agate NPC.)


A gathering of storybits, either from scratch or imported from the Survivor Diaries, for your convenience

Past Roleplay Logs

This section will contain links to old roleplay logs. Consider them a backup for if the forum goes down or has some sort of aneurism. (Even older logs from the even older board may settle in here, too.)

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