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Help us Blackout Malton!

Lights Out is a Zombie group that seeks to bring Malton back to its former glory- before the filthy humans, those Hoarders of Light, ever set foot upon the once fertile land. The stars themselves no longer shine and the moon is blocked by those lights that glare at us through heavily barricaded windows and doorways every day.

Come, join us, you Dark Undead, help us to blackout Malton and blackout the world!

We welcome all the Dark Undead, whether old or new, powerful or not so much. We are not set around a specific location, instead scattered all around the map. We occasionally have tours or group-wide events, but participation in these events in not mandatory. It's highly appreciated, though!

To contact us, please visit our forum, here!

BATTEURlightsout 12th January, 2015 (UTC)

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