Ling Boulevard Police Department

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Ling Boulevard Police Department

Vinetown [82,63]

the Buckett Building Boulter Way St John's Cathedral
the Pearson Monument Ling Boulevard Police Department Attrill Bank
Stanbury Lane Blabey Drive Bubcar Towers

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


Ling Boulevard Police Department
--Sister Katie (talk) 19:34, 10 March 2020 (UTC)
Malton Police Department

The Ling Boulevard Police Department [82,63] is a police department in the suburb of Vinetown. It is one of four police departments in the suburb.

Located in northwest Vinetown, the Goodford Road Police Department to the northeast is its closest neighbour. Also in the vicinity are Caunt Street and Hartleys Boulevard Police Departments to the south.

The reinforced exterior of the Department.


Outdoors You are standing outside Ling Boulevard Police Dept, an imposing concrete building with pillars along its front.

History and Significance

Originally called Weak Boulevard Police Department because of its location, Ling PD Gained its current name when the Chinese Ambassador Glau Ling visited the city of Malton in 1932. During this trip the Ambassador also donated a number of animals to Malton Zoo, but no Pandas. In gratitude for these gifts this area was named in his honour.

Its location bordering the cathedral and within easy walking distance of two other PDs meant this area was traditionally very quiet, the atmosphere being described by some citizens as 'sombre'. The fact that the dead are now returning to life has done nothing to change this.

In 1992, its exterior was modernized and strengthened, making this a Police Station designed to hold the most serious offenders.

Barricade Plan

Keep VSB as per the Vinetown Barricade Plan.


Currently Claimed by Vinetown Police Department as our HQ. --Haliman111 T OP UC 16:15, 6 June 2008 (BST)

01/27/09: Since I spread the news, things have been getting abit better for the station. Rescue efforts have seen to it that the survivors were aided in fending off the Zombie menace, and were cured of infection. I made 2 trips here today, the first, to help fight off the last Zed, the second for abit of Ammo. Station is clear of Zeds on the inside now, and it seems decently barricaded. With luck, it will be back to business as usual soon. -Officer Lance McDaren

01/25/09: I came today to check on the station, only to find the lights out and the doors wide open. My God, the Rots broke through. I came inside to find the place crawling with four Rots that were eating the survivors. I attempted to fire a few shots to drive them off, but they were wearing flak jackets! I closed all doors and dumped dead bodies, then I wrote a report and left quickly through a window after barricading myself in a room. If any survivors find this, get to safety! -Officer Lance McDaren

September 25th, 2007: Last reported as being occupied with the 'caid at VSB. --Morgan Blair 13:15, 25 September 2007 (BST)