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Location Nuts
Abbreviation: Nuts2U
Group Numbers: Open
Leadership: What the hey, follow me if you will - boxy
Goals: A location page for every block of Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Put your hand up.
Contact: Talk page -->

Location Nuts

This is a group page for all those wikiers out there that are slowly, but surely working towards getting each and every block in Malton its own wiki page.

Current Projects

Grouped Locations Pages

Given the huge number of location pages that are needed to fill in the map of Malton, the best way to get the project moving is to combine a lot of the individual locations into suburb grouped location pages.

And in a huge turn around, most work on the locations pages is now devoted to unmerging these grouped location pages.

Resource Building Category Links

Hospitals, Police Depts, Fire Stations and NecroTech Buildings need redirects from the co-ordinate page (ie 33,24) so that the maps on their Category pages link directly to the locations pages.


In random order, just, like, place your name anywhere, Man...

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