Lockettside Frontline

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Lockettside Frontline
Abbreviation: LF
Group Numbers: 2
Leadership: BrainSlurper
Goals: Aid Lockettsid
Recruitment Policy: Must be a ZKer
Contact: Leave a message on the discussion page.

We, the Lockettside Frontline, exist to aid the survivors located in the suburb of Lockettside. Not being survivors ourselves we are instead an army of zombies who no longer wish to fight against the living. United together we the zombies of the Lockettside Front will work to serve two purposes in the area to hopefully be able to aid in the success of the suburb.

First, we will do just as our name suggests and serve as the frontline of defense in the area. So if the suburb is faced with a large force of zombies, we shall engage them first and attempt to dwindle their numbers. It would be wise for anyone actively fighting in the suburb to save our profiles (links below) so incase we are mixed in with a zombie mob their bullets can be used on the actual threats of the area.

Second, we wish to serve as a unthreatening source of experience for survivors in the area. When the suburb is at peace we will have listed areas where our members may be found standing around. Survivors may use these groups of undead as a way to gain in skill. We don't take being shot personally since we can stand up fairly easy afterwards. So use your bullets, shells, axes and crowbars at your own convenience.



Coming Soon

Current News

26/6/07 this is the brigewater milta set up to protect the area around brigewater police station from zeds based in the dartside district of malton we would like you to help us set up a wiki page your survivor brother robert e killer conact us at 25.57MHz (2/12/07) ~ Today is the start of the Lockettside Frontline. Hopefully it won't take long to build a small army.