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The Lockettside Valkyries are a group of people dedicated to helping everyone- no exceptions. We heal those who wish to be healed, revive those who wish to be revived, and leave those zombies who enjoy being zombies in peace. We attack no one, with or without provocation, and by no means judge anyone.

About the Valkyries

We're a group based heavily on role-playing. It just adds an extra layer to a game that tends to wear thin after awhile. We're peace activists, and by god, we're sticking to it. =D

We heal and revive, and try to spread the message of peace (yes we know most people won't listen, but we try anyway). We try to be as helpful as we can to other players to make the experience better for all parties involved, because we simply enjoy helping people. Although we generally try to keep Lockettside in a repaired, survivor-friendly state, we do not get involved with any zombie-survivor conflicts and we certainly don't get involved with survivor-surviovor conflicts. A Valkyrie has to be the type of person that can be PK'ed over and over and let it go, and still be willing to help that player when they need it. Having a developed character backstory and a love for roleplay helps too! ^-^

Valkyries Forums


A message from Izumi

I copied and pasted this from the forum, as I doubt anyone will read it there. I mean, I doubt anyone will read it here either. But its still slightly less of a longshot! Hehe. Here goes:

I don't know if any of you will ever read this, but I miss you guys! We had one heck of a run, huh? ^_^

Here it is, 6 years since I've been any kind of active, and nostalgia has brought me back again, hoping to run into some familiar faces and maybe even get the group back together. No such luck it seems. The Valkyries are gone, and the game itself seems to be going along with it. The player base just isn't there anymore.

Oh well! We had fun, and I count you all as true friends. I hope that you, Lockettside's finest guys and gals are doing well in the grand journey of life, and I'm glad I was able to be a small part of it. Happy travels to all of you!


P.S. Don't forget to drink lots of green tea! The stuff really is wonderful! Hehe


So far these are the names of the members as of February 13, 2007

If you are a member, if you desire one, you must write your own "biography". However, if asked, an image may be provided for you based on your description.

Stairway girl 3.jpgIzumi Orimoto:

The leader of the Valkyries. She was born in Shibuya, Japan, in May 1990. Her family moved to the countryside of Dartmoor, England when she was 11 years old, but she was already fluent in english having several relatives in southern Australia. She always was a very pretty girl, but was akward socially and never made many friends despite her kindness and outwardly cheerful attitude. At 13, she was studying a flower in the hills surrounding her home one day when she heard the crackle of smoke and fire. Both of her parents and younger sister were killed in the blaze that destroyed their home, and, fearing life as a foster child, ran off and eventually wandered into the forests surrounding Malton. It was here that one night, as she cried and cried, she saw herself...and a grand aura began to emenate from her, and all at once, she began to control the winds around her. She suddenly began to smile and danced with the wind for days. She felt a calling for her forgotten birthplace, and knew she was the last wind priestess. Filled with a new confidence, and a sense of duty from her newfound powers, she marched into Malton and headed for the airport so she could leave for her long lost home in Shibuya. Sadly, it was this day that the outbreak started. After all was said and done, she wound up dead several times. Wanting peace, and feeling sorrow for those around her, she decided to tend to St. Alexanders Hospital in Lockettside. Hey, it was a start. She soon had several friends and followers and she decided that until she could go home, she would do her best to bring light back to Malton.

Ghandi.jpgDeath 4 life:

Akmed Al-Sayed, son of Iqbal Al-Sayed. Akmed was born in Tehran, Iran and grew up in a upper middle-class family. A lover of the sciences, he studied chemistry in Tehran Unitversity for the Sciences. After 4 years studies, he earned his PhD in chemistry, but at this point, the United States were pressuring Iran on nuclear physics. His plan was to move to the western world and work thier because he was afraid that the U.S would assassinate him. His parents and siblings stayed behind and he set off to land in a city called Malton. After many job applications, Patterson Chemical Corporation accepted him into a office in Spicer Hills. Despite his happy and helpful personality, all the other workers would never accept him as a friend and were quite mean to him. He dilligently finished his work, yet never got any further in wages or ranking, mainly due to his bad english speaking skills and accent. One cold tuesday, there was quite a commotion in the office, "Oh, another office party I'm not invited to..." Akmed thought, until Fred Green burst in with a missing limb and ripped him to shreds. Al-Sayed, age 28, was dead. still carrying his briefcase, shambling until he was healed outside of a church. He took shelter in there -ironic for him, due to his Islamic heritage- until another accused him of being a spy. He ran away, scared, staying in buildings for short periods of time. He saw Ms. Orimoto long before he actually MET her, although he never really knew at that point that his life would be cahnged by her. In the end, he took shelter in St.Alexander's Hospital and then everything started to change. Izumi took charge of the hostpital and Akmed fell close behind, his helpful nature starting to show, weeks later and he was a Sage in the Valkyries. Physical Appearance: A brown man, taller than most, a black beard, moustache, sideburns, and semi-short hair. He still wears his business suit and he still carries his briefcase, memories of his old self. He speaks in a form of poorly said English at points, and calls Necro Tech, Mecro Tack.

Zhilo000- Alexander Zhilo was born in Longview, Montana. Once a member of the police force in Malton before the outbreak, he quit his job, seeing the futility in life as just another working man. He aspired to travel, to unlock secrets of the world...to be something...or at least know something. He returned to school to get a degree, and after miraculously acing the entrance exam, he was hailed as a genius. It wasn't long before he found himself on his way to Kennedy Space Center to be an astronomer for NASA. Revelling in his new life, he decided to travel by train to Florida where he would be stationed. However, fate had other plans. A car left carelessly on the track caused it to derail, falling off a cliff and crashing over 500 feet below. However, Alexander was to be lucky after all, as he was the only survivor of the wreck. Swimming down a river 5 miles to Malton, hoping for rescue, all he found was chaos. Stumbling away from hordes of the undead, he was able to make his way into St. Alexander's Hospital. And the rest is history.

night after pill


His real name is Adam Zhane, thirty two years old. He was studying to become a priest when a thug shot him down and killed him. Arose as a zombie, and terrorized human and zombies alike to feed his hunger and bitterness, confused at his religious point of view. Soon he became to an understanding that even zombies could have religion, and attempted to create a faith based on the Roman Catholic Church for zombies.

Months after, he began to loosen his anger to humans, and decided humans and zombies needed to work together, and once he became human decided in doing so he create a faith called the New Roma Revolution. A week after that he began to sleep more and more, in St. Alexander's hospital and once he had, started to listen to Izumi, the protector of the hospital. When she called for a new group to be born called the Valkyrie, he jumped, and the rest is history.

Is also the founder of the Lockettside Valkyrkie Defenders.


During the start of the outbreaks, it was unnoticed by the Black Mesa personal that I sneaked out a headcrab I named Charles. I guess the havoc drew peoples attention elsewhere. At some point the cage door lock broke and it leaped onto my head. My real name is unknown to me. I think it is a side effect of being "headcrabed" and how I made my name. I know I was helping move samples and that's all I remember. I found a driver's license in my shirt pocket with bullet holes shot in it. All that was left of the license says I was an organ donor and am 19 years old. I was revived by someone and stumbled into the hospital. Pleased to find I was able to plead my case, I was believed to be a spy. I told my story and have found a home. I now search for my identity, and a never ending search for cookies and milk for my pet Charles.

These are headcrabs[1]



Morton X


Ronin Lei

Fausta Gummings


Nurse Southwesty

Rob Aiken

Oliver Sykes.JPG Oliver Sykes



There are is a good number more, but as of right now I don't remember their names. For a list of all Valkyrie or allies, please go to our forum. Let's just say we're ONE of the biggest groups there are in Locettside.


As the Valkyries of Lockettside, we want to work towards peace between the living and our fallen comrades. All of us have been dead at some point or other. We seek to keep peace in Lockettside, and eventually, all of Malton. Cause a permanent ceasefire between both sides and learn to live as we did before. Our purpose is none other than to end the suffering that we have caused ourselves.


No violence is employed by our members. A Valkyrie will never attack anyone, regardless of action. We are healers, not fighters.

Current News

September 22nd Hospital overrun by zombies, expect repairs to begin shortly. Sage of Winds 04:02, 23 September 2011 (BST) -Update: Barricades are up, we could use a generator and radio down here. Sage of Winds 04:16, 23 September 2011 (BST) ""October 5th"" Expect major page revision soon. Any currently active Valkyrie should check the forums within the next few days. Phoenix Ember 23:53, 5 October 2009 (BST)

August 2nd Teh Zombies are attackin St Alexanders! Infact, there a specific group, the Undeadites. Weh Need help! This has been an emergency broadcast from Officer Nubcake. Also, I advize, if overwhelmed, go to Tompson mall if able. if not, hide on the Neo-Roof.

July 4th Happy Independence Day Lockettside!!! ^_^ Fireworks and cake for everyone!!! YAY!!! ^_^ ^_^

September 17th Everything is normal at the moment, the Valkyries are actively recruiting new members. Please sign up at our forum if you're interested.

August 26th St. Alexander's stands, however the area has been under heavy fire lately so caution should be taken. Also be aware of the "New Lockettside Valkyries", a band of griefers obsessed enough with us to actually form a group to smear our good name. Repentance 00:01, 27 August 2008 (BST)

August 12th The hospital is completely ruined, all Valkyries should head to the northwest corner of Tompson Mall for now. Reconstruction will begin ASAP. Illusionist 06:14, 12 August 2008 (BST)

August 9th I have just returned form a summer-long hiatus. It seems most of the Valkyries are long-gone at this point, but I am in favor of rebuilding the group regardless. A little Valkyrie spirit is needed more than ever in the dismal and overrun Lockettside so any and all potential members are welcome. Please check our forums if you're interested, initiation is a simple process and mostly consists of learning the basic rules. ^-^ Illusionist 03:07, 10 August 2008 (BST)

May 19th Simply a wiki update to assure everyone we're still around, nothing new to report at this time. The golden age of the Valkyries has passed it seems, we're quiet caretakers of the hospital now. Stop by for free medical care. Illusionist 07:43, 20 May 2008 (BST)

March 15th Many apologies regarding lack of updates. The Valkyries are few and far between now. Any still around should report to St. Alexanders and help in the reconstruction of our home. Thank you. Illusionist 05:50, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

February 11 I'm no where near gone and forgotten folks, just have bad connections. Also please be prepared to celebrate the one year anniversery of the founding of our great group! Yep around the second part of this month, we will be one year old! HUZZAH!!!!! 14:00, February 11, 2008 (BST)

September 10th The Valkyries are waiting for the zombie hordes to descend upon Lockettside so we may make our move. Meanwhile PKers run rampant in the hospital but staff maintain a positive attitude nonetheless.Rika Nonaka 03:50, 11 September 2007 (BST)

September 2nd I have done all i can at the fort for the time being. i have spread word of lockettside's inevitable down fall and i have a few willing to help. im on my way back now to help out. i have a song for you all. it shows how i have felt since i left. [3]. i would post this on the forums but i cant. See ya. Zhilo_000

August 29 With the incredible number of suburbs to the north currently red, the Valkyries are preparing for the inevitable. Whether we will be able to form peaceful alliances with the invaders or be stuck trying to fend them off remains to be seen. However, we remain optimistic and see this as a wonderful opportunity. We always do our best to maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere in St. Alexander's Hospital. Izumi Orimoto 01:40, 30 August 2007 (BST)

July 28 20 days since last update, just checking in! ^-^ We've gained some members and lost some, any Valkyrie members are asked to list their names here if possible. Also, a loving farewell to Lilpippi and others. We've been under attack from yet another PKing group calling themselves "Moist Vagina", but the attacks have mostly subsided. Also, the total non-violence policy has been struck, we simply can't afford to allow ourselves to be repeatedly killed or lose the hospital. :/ Izumi Orimoto 03:48, 29 July 2007 (BST)

July 8 Actually, Zigs is somewhat mistaken. We are a Peace Activist group, meaning we cannot defend ourselves or anyone else for that matter. The Valkyries are instating a total non-violence policy among our members in order to encourage a brighter future for all of Malton. Izumi Orimoto 05:16, 9 July 2007 (BST)

July 1 After a harsh exchange of words and a near break up of the group, the Lockettside Valkyrie are once again a peace movement, with no war. We shall not declare war against any other group at all, and promise to protect all, who promise to behave themselves in the hospital. Attack us or those within our hosptial, we will defend ourselves and them. Rips hurt bad for a while but do not forget, that once mended, the muscle grows stronger. User:Zigs/Zigs 17:23, 1 July 2007 (BST)

May 19 Lockettside officially green again, thanks to the Legions of Lockettside, including the Valkyries! My thanks to all of you! On a lighter note, we are finally finally on the group stats page!!!!! At last, I feel we have emerged as a true power in Lockettside, let our golden light shine forth and help declare a new era of peace! Izumi Orimoto 07:36, 20 May 2007 (BST)

May 07 With the mall area slowly being cleared, the Valkyries will hopefully be able to return to St. Alexander's soon, and resume recruitment as well as supporting peace activism and awareness. Advise reviving as many as possible to help clear the remaining 30 some hostiles in the area. --Izumi