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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

Concept: Running Loops

A lot of resource buildings throughout Malton are situated close to other important blocks in such a way that a closed loop can be drawn quite easily that covers all those blocks. The idea of running loops uses this layout to organize survivor efforts. Players move along those loops to effectively check on a number of important buildings and direct their efforts to the spot where they are most needed.


You need the freerunning skill to run a loop.

How to run a loop

  1. Start in any block that is part of the loop, choose your direction of movement.
  2. Move along the loop until you encounter trouble. Fix it as good as you can.
  3. Continue to run the loop if possible.
  4. If you get tired, retreat. Come back for another round tomorrow.

In a contested area you won't be able to complete a loop right away. You will find some trouble along your way. Don't worry. Do as good as you can and return tomorrow. Others will do the same and the area will soon be improved.


McKay Lane Police Department#Small_Loop_SouthWest


Don't forget to regularly take outside views of the area covered.