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This user is a member of the Conservative Party.

Lord Crabapple

Lord Crabapple, disgraced Tory MP, philanderer, huntsman, ladies man, mans man, and frequenter of the dark alley is Lord of the Crabapple Estate.

In his glory days of the 1980s Lord Crabapple was MP for Malton & Little Flumpton-in-the-Nook. His time as MP was marred by a string of scandles not least the selling of Little Flumpton-in-the-Nook to Saudi businessmen who had it shipped abroad, towns folk included.

As a result of the poor hygiene resulting from the decline in standards since the outbreak, the good Lord has been found to be suffering Brain gout, and disappeared from common view for some time. Many of his relatives and servants constructed tributes to him, including the Crabapple Shrine, and the extending Pink Crabapple Temple. It was prophesied that the Lord would appear again, bringing the glory of his blessed self to the beleagured survivors of West Boundwood, and this indeed has occurred - heralded as an act of divine power by the more enthusiastic of his followers, others would argue it is more a matter of the drunken Lord recovering from a particularly long hangover, aided by the appliance of Science


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Lord Crabapple is an individual not a group. He has friends, family and collegues in the city but they are also individuals.

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