Los Illuminados

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Los Illuminados
Abbreviation: LI
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: 1stLt Cleggett, Charlie Winchester
Goals: Hunt Player Killers
Recruitment Policy: Must be active and willing to work with other members in a group.
Contact: Email: los.il@hotmail.com or locate a member/leader OR bjbuss1265@hotmail.com
Know what you are talking about.
Los Illuminados Radio Broadcast
This group operats on frequency 28.65

Los Illuminados is a Bounty Hunting group that has taken up residence in Pitneybank. The group does not discriminate between zombie and survivors, killing zombies not at revive points and survivors that take it upon themselves to kill there fellow man for no other reason than the joy of adding yet another poor soul to the ranks of the walking dead.

Current Leaders

Charlie Hendrix: Chief scientist of the Los Illuminados. Highly Obbsessive, but means well most of the time.

1stLt Cleggett: Co-Commander of Los Illuminados. More reserved than the other leaders, but still a threat to anyone in the Pitneybank area that thinks it's amusing to prey on those they think inferior to themselves.


We ask that you post the name of the murderer, your name, and the location you witnessed the killing at in the space below.

Lud Lum: Killed Kyosuke Aoki inside the Fort Creedy Gatehouse.- Colonel Wesker 26.70 MHz: "Attention: Shammie was caught in the act of pking"


Currently we have no special alliances. If you wish to become our ally, contact us using the information above.


February 9th 2009 Disbanded

September 21st 2007 At least two of the several bodies outside Fort Creedy are members of Los Illuminados.

Septmeber 13th 2007 Los Illuminados took several casualties yesterday during a small attack on Fort Creedy. Three members are alive and assisted in repeling the attackers. 1stLt Clegget died defending the outside of the gate, HRTBRK1 was drug into the street while he slept. The rest of Los Illuminados is alive, hiding in Ft. Creedy while their medics tend to the wounded.

September 12th 2007 Los Illuminados leaders no longer hunt players, but rather Player Killers operating in the Pitneybank and Fort Creedy areas.

September 10th 2007 Reports of some zombies resembling key leaders of Los Illuminados have been confirmed. Atleast one member of the cult has fallen, but their scientists have already started the process of revivng them.

September 9th 2007 Los Illuminados leaders sighted in southern Pitneybank.

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