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Who We Are

It has been awhile since UD had a new type of player emerge. Survivors and zombies came first; then someone figured out that murdering other players was quite a lot of fun, and PK'ers emerged. Naturally, this led to bounty hunters.

Los Pendejos de Dios introduces yet another facet: trenchie trolls.

Yes, trolls have been with us since the beginning. They walk around in their trenchcoats, waving their katanas above their cowboy hats, spamming the radio and generally causing a nuisance. Unfortunately, another word for troll in UD is, typically, survivor. Too many people think this is how the game should be played.

Unfortunately for them, I have a sick sense of humor. LPDD will be a place for others, like me, who want to create their own trenchie trolls in order to both take out their frustrations and to entertain ourselves by satirizing the way these people play.

Rules and Membership

So far I am the only member. And, if you have read my radio spam, you are probably surprised that I have an IQ above that of celery. That brings me to membership and specific rules for this group.

First, for some advice on being the best trenchie possible, read this Urban Dead Wiki entry: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Trenchcoater#What_Trenchcoaters_do

If you are joining thinking that you can get off by saying a bunch of gross, disgusting things or a free pass to just acting like a jerk, forget it. I am looking for creative people who understand that satire also means not making the game uncomfortable for others. Therefore, no sexual harassment, no using the "c" word toward members of other groups, and no general griefing. If I find you are being a true pendejo, you will be booted. Do not link your real name to anything illegal, sexual, etc.

We are not a PK group. In game, you are expected to play similar to a typical survivor. All zombies are fair game (although I understand if you are a member of a zombie group that you avoid attacking your friends), as are anyone that PK's you.

You must dress a certain way to be a trenchie troll. Your description should include at least one of the following: trenchcoat, black robe, cowboy hat, feline or canine companion, katanas (or other exotic sword not existing in-game) and automatic weapons. Use your creativity to come up with any other weird combination of non-game items that you can.

All communications in game should be IN CAPS. Caps Lock is the trenchie troll's friend. Try to use leet speak or talk like a gangsta (the more you get it wrong, the better). However, please avoid using the "n" word in any form if you do the latter; it is not cool, even in parody, to do that. Make sure that you constantly refer to anyone who is more experienced than you as a "noob." Proper spelling and grammar is discouraged. Also, throw out any knowledge you may have of punctuation.

You are expected to spam the radio at least once a week. Get creative, but remember to act your shoe size. Also, you are required to obtain spray cans and tag as much as possible. Leave stupid comments about people that are sleeping in areas that you are tagging. Remember, though, that you are doing this to merely annoy and not to personally insult.

If you have the skills, make sure to overcade whenever possible. Also, once your Necrotech skill tree is complete, please remember to revive any zombie you see, regardless of affiliation. Just don't waste needles on rotters.

You are also encouraged to become a bounty hunter once you have leveled up enough.

Zerging will not be tolerated.

Rick Rolling will be tolerated and is, in fact, encouraged.

How to Contact for Membership

As I am currently the only member, I see no need to set up a forum at this time. If you wish to join, leave a note in the discussion session of this page or email me at world_psychotic@yahoo.com. Please include a link to your user profile. Just a warning: I have alts that are members of major factions in UD, and I will find out if you display any behavior that is objectionable. You will no longer have the privelege of wearing LPDD tags if that is the case (and I will make sure you are on a KOS list with some rather nasty people if you don't remove them).


Timmy the Trenchie: Top Troll

Manly Madison: Troll in Training

Why Didn't You Do This Page in Character?

There are enough group pages that are unintentionally done that way. I wanted this one to be readable. But, if you insist...


There. That's enough of that outside of the game.

Beware of Imitators

Just so you know, there is someone trying to imitate Timmy the Trenchie. Unfortunately, he's not funny, and has a habit of making a string of bad homophobic and sexist jokes. While I do occasionally make sexist jokes (the "no fat chicks" lines, for instance), they are meant to express the stupidity of my character and not to denigrate other players. You can easily tell the imitator because he (so far) gets Timmy's special brand of L33T wrong. As for the real Timmy, please be assured he will continue to provide the lowest common denominator of humor possible, but will abide by the rules set above.

Your Page Sucks! It's All Grey!

I am not a web designer. I will pretty it up once I have more time, but, until then, sorry.

Trench coat.jpg Trenchcoater
This user finds no irony in 20 shotguns and katanas.
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