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In itself, the word "loyalist" could refer to loyalty to any particular group. In UD, it refers to Survivors. In the most basic of terms, these spies are simply Survivors who participate in espionage to benefit themselves, or their fellow survivors.

While related to ZKers and Life Cultists, they only kill when they have to. This groups consists of survivors that have died, and are using their death to benefit the living by means of espionage, which adds the other half of the groups name. Ironically, Loyalist Spies tend to be much more elusive than Zombie Spies, or 'Renfields.' The reason for this is that it is a much less organized and uncommon practice, due to many factors that often hinder the practice, but it does in fact occur. Attributing to the Loyalist Spies' concealment is the fact it is a rarely spoken of topic, and hardly if ever noticed. This has yet to change.


All though much less common, they have roughly been around as long as their counterparts, Zombie spies. Their work occurs during their death, while awaiting revives. Which gives them their motto, "Make the most of Death to aid the living".

Due to the near complete lack of info on precise actions of LoSp's, History for them is scarce.

They are alluded to have Participated in the Battle of the Bear Pit, the First Siege of Caiger Mall, and the Battle of Santlerville.


During death, they join Hordes and their forums, purchasing needed Zombie skills to camouflage their intent. Some work as full time Zombies and avoid revives. Info is then seeped from the Zeds to the survivors, giving them an edge.

Every little bit counts, and some even become full fledged horde leaders. This has lead to a few conspiracy theories which may lead some interest to those of which create Articles.

"A good Survivor works even in his death, giving chaos to those whom oppose humanity. His work carries him ever on, leaking Intel and doing whatever he can to help those more fortunate." ~ Anonymous.

Pro's and Con's

While Loyalist Spies give a great benefit to Survivors, enamoring oneself in the position of being a Zombie Spy can be a lot of work due to many setbacks for appropriate skills; though this often makes a better spy (Seeing as the only ones that succeed would be ones that are very experienced).

Pro's: 1. Benefits Survivor Coordination, immensely.

2. Allows the Player to be involved in two styles of gameplay at once.

3. Excellent self-training involved.


1. It may take a while to gain all appropriate skills, which can be frustrating when attempting to camouflage intentions.

2. Once a skill is bought, it cannot be reversed.

3. Many skills bought by the player that are required will get them killed by the Faction they actually work for.

4. Choosing the right amount of skills in each Faction will determine how extreme you will be in terms of spying, which cannot be reversed, and is relatively difficult to make the right combination. •For example, said player may wish to be play while being human, often. He/she will therefore will have to sacrifice many skills that make being one easier in order to keep doing their job, or risk losing should they buy to many (or the wrong ones, notably Headshot).

Opposite of Loyalist Spies?

See Zombie Spy. (Also known as Reinfields as stated.)


Ode of the Good Loyalists
(The song of the Loyal & the Free.)
Oh ye, Oh ye!
We spring even in death onto thee.
Ye Oh, Ye Oh!
Even in death we'll go!
From life we came to Hell abode,
Yet we walk upon an unseen road.
We are the Livings Shield!
Yet, what do our efforts Yield?
Our Brothers and Sisters, the living minds,
All sizes, shades, thoughts, kinds...
For the Living, goes our pride!
For that is what we yeild, our souls Alongside.
Oh ye, Oh ye!
We spring even in death onto thee.
Ye Oh, Ye Oh!
Even in death we'll go!
Written by: Officer Mead Sheaffer, Completely Original Material.


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