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Clock.png Inactive Group
Lueshi's Undead are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 08:52, 13 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Lueshi's Undead
Abbreviation: LSD
Group Numbers: 26
Leadership: Hive-like collective
Goals: Kill all humans
Recruitment Policy: Member of LUElinks
Contact: here

The zombie horde of luelinks. The survivor group is the Luelinks survivors.

also know as LSD.

Feel free to update it as you see fit Luelinkers.

Currently operating freelance

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Yoshblac.jpg LUEshi's Undead
Just hope we don't get the mega mushroom..

{{Lueshi Undead}}

Remember, you group name should be Lueshi's Undead NOT LUEshi's Undead

Come join us on the Mall Tour '07! Fresh meat on sale now at Stickling Mall!

Current members:

LL Username......................UD Username
01.Grendal123 ...................Loup Garou
02.Giant Anaconda................Deathguard Terrence
04.Hiro Kazama...................Hiro Kazama
05.genofreek.....................Big Lizard


Little is known about this horde's organization. Survivors report that the horde, which is just beginning to drift into a cohesive force, appears to have no defined leadership structure. No experienced zombies have been seen rattling out targets or flailingly gesturing towards an objective. In fact, the zombies seem to possess an almost hivelike mind structure, slowly gravitating towards whichever building happens to have caught one's attention. However, lately, many zombies that have become active in this horde have been heard to be mumbling the word 'rahzh!.' What this means is as yet unknown but it appears to be only constant in the horde.


6/20/2007 - Havercroft The call of Lueshi's Undead once more is heard on the air as many inactive zombies shuffle off the debris they'd been buried under. The horde renews its energy and is converging on a point in Yagoton to bring Barhah upon the survivors there.

12/23/2006 - Yagoton Due to the laughably rampant Combat Revive occuring during the skirmishes surrounding Bale Mall, many members of Lueshi's Undead found themselves human. Those who wished to take advantage of this turn of events quickly left the suburb to seek another arena to build up their muscle mass or procure a flak jacket. This section of the horde has became a sect called 'Lueshi's Nondead.'

12/16/06 - Yagoton With the fall of Ackland Mall, food sources have fallen scarce in Havercroft. The zombies of Lueshi's Undead have been drawn away by strong scents in Yagoton. One by one the zombies shamble off from Havercroft to Yagoton in an effort to bring glory and barhah to Rahzh!.

12/11/06 - Ackland Mall Ackland Mall has fallen after several days of continued break-ins by the mass of zombies! Thanks to efforts of LUEshi's Undead and the fellow zombie brethren outside, the Ackland Bazaar has been properly Ranzag'D, with all Barragahz and Ganarazharh turned to dust. An easy feast was had by many over the night, with many banana gangbangs. BARHAH!

12/3/06 - Rolls Cinema At 10 P.M. on December 3rd, Lueshi's Undead spearheaded an offensive against Rolls Cinema. This was the second day of attacks against the cinema by the group. The doors quickly flew open and zombies mumbling 'rahzh!' shambled inside and assaulted the fleshy meatbags within. The attack quickly grew in number as other zombies flooded in and in a few short hours the cinema had been overrun and those humans who had escaped forceful conversion had fled.

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