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Malton Association of Safe Houses
Abbreviation: M*A*S*H
Group Numbers: undisclosed
Leadership: undisclosed
Goals: To provide permanent EH barracaded safehouses throughout Malton
Recruitment Policy: We require community-spirited, experienced players who are committed to maintaining a safe place for other players
Contact: If you're interested in maintaining a safehouse, leave a message on the Talk:M*A*S*H page

M*A*S*H Overview

M*A*S*H (Malton Association of Safe Houses) is an ambitious organisation devoted to consistently maintaining safehouses across Malton, although our stronghold is currently in the lower-western suburbs. It is the stated aim of M*A*S*H to maintain one manned safehouse (per suburb) at an extremely heavy level of barracading (EHB) on a permanent basis. This is to provide players (or rather, those who possess the free running skill) with a guarenteed safe-haven in any given suburb.

Each safehouse is maintained by a designated player, known euphemistically as a "Concierge". The Concierge is responsible for maintaining the barracades, administering first aid, defending the safehouse and (if AP allows) patroling the radius of the safehouse. Although the Concierge is the permanent figure in the safehouse, it is expected that all players staying in the safehouse contribute to these tasks when required.


Suburb Current Deployment Status
Nixbank MASHsmall.jpg Active
Wykewood MASHaffiliatessmall.jpg Re-recruiting
Mornington MASHaffiliatessmall.jpg Lost Contact
Crooketon MASHsmall.jpg Inctive
Dulston MASHaffiliatessmall.jpg Active
Peppardville MASHaffiliatessmall.jpg Active
Osmondville MASHrecruitingsmall2.jpg Recruiting
Penny Heights MASHrecruitingsmall2.jpg Recruiting
Houldenbank MASHrecruitingsmall2.jpg Recruiting
Vinetown MASHrecruitingsmall2.jpg Recruiting
Pitneybank MASHrecruitingsmall2.jpg Recruiting
Darvall Heights MASHrecruitingsmall2.jpg Recruiting

Typically, selected safehouses are within easy reach of Police Stations and Hospitals. For reasons of security (and to reduce the impression of a challenge being issued to local zombie groups), details of the specific locations of safehouses are witheld. Put simply, we're out there... you just have to find us!

Please note: At the present time, some of our safehouses are not being tagged until we grow in numbers. Anonymity is currently our best defence. At present, it remains at the Concierge's discretion as to whether a safehouse is tagged or not.

Although the initial suburbs targeted for permanent safehouses were Nixbank, Wykewood, Mornington and Crooketon, we are in the process of rolling our project much further afield. We know that there are already permanent safehouses being maintained throughout the city. Some of them are maintained by small patrol groups that choose to keep their suburb clear, others are maintained as makeshift Headquarters for larger organisations. If you're one of these patrols/groups, please consider joining our programme (or at least becoming associated with M*A*S*H Affiliates).

M*A*S*H safehouses are usually selected at the discretion of the Concierge maintaining it. The location is always liable to occassional change (should a selected safehouse be overrun) and can be relocated at the Concierge's behest. However, M*A*S*H does not normally operate in suburbs with a prescribed barracading plan, due to the risk of upsetting local group policy. That said, if it is possible to maintain an EHB safehouse within the constraints of a localised barracading policy, then Concierge's are welcome to do so.

For current suburbs in which M*A*S*H are active, inactive and recruiting, please see the listings on the right. Although we are looking to recruit from any suburb, we are particularly keen on hearing from players who are prepared to maintain a safehouse in the south-eastern areas of the city.


The use of Extremely Heavy Barracading

Defending a safehouse is difficult, particularly when the maximum barracade level is set at VS (very strong). Therefore, it is the stated policy of M*A*S*H that all it's safehouses should be maintained at an EH level of barracading. While this excludes newer players (or rather, those who do not posess the Free Running skill), it is generally within most new player's ability to attain their first level up within a few day's play. It is also generally agreed that as the game becomes more difficult (more higher-level zombies, thus creating a need for higher-level barracades), it becomes ever-more essential that the Free Running skill is attained above all others.

M*A*S*H is committed to helping new (and older) players find somewhere to base themselves, but firmly believes that players must first help themselves if they are to succeed. Purchasing the Free Running skill at the earliest opportunity is considered by M*A*S*H as not only a sign of willingness to help oneself; but also as a sign of a committed player, willing to get "stuck into" the tactics of survival.

Tagging of Safehouses

Although it is the intention of M*A*S*H to have their safehouses tagged on the inside, it remains up to the individual Concierge whether tagging occurs. Likewise, it is also up to the individual Concierge to decide whether to tag the local area to provide directions to the safehouse. Officially, M*A*S*H believes this may encourage unwanted attention, but it remains firmly at the discretion of each Concierge.

Unwanted Attention

It has been reasonably argued that developing small, localised safehouses may be simply encouraging zombies to accumulate in one particular area (anticipating large numbers inside one building), resulting in large zombie groups that have the potential to kill large numbers of survivors in a single attack. While this argument may have some credibility, one must realise that this is already happening on a city-wide scale. The use of resource buildings is, at present, providing a much easier target for zombie groups (given that they are often only barracaded to "very strong" levels). The numbers using such buildings as a makeshift safehouse are astronomical in comparison to what M*A*S*H safehouses provide, indeed, it is hoped that the presence of 'official' M*A*S*H EHB safehouses (within close proximity to resource buildings) will reduce the numbers sleeping in Police Stations and Hospitals and thus 'disperse' the local population more efficiently.


'"So why exactly would I want to let my maxed-out character sit there building barracades every day, gaining no XP and getting no recognition?"

Yeah, that's a tough one. But look at it this way... what exactly do you do when you've maxed out your player? Well firstly, you'll no doubt continue to hit zombies harder and faster than ever before. Secondly, you'll swoop to the rescue of of doomed resource buildings, singlehandedly clearing out the place and be greeted with the rapturous applause and adoration from less experienced players (c'mon, we've all done it). Thirdly, you'll probably settle a few scores, and finally, you'll probably build up a nice plump cushion of XP (so that you'll always have some spare change for when Kevan implements those skill changes you've been expecting).

But then what? Do you continue bashing zombies for XP you don't need? Of course you will, but eventually it will become boring and that's when you start performing community-spirited tasks. Maybe you've collected a humongous collection of FAKs and distributed them without care, perhaps you've "adopted" a new player, wet-nursed them through their first kill? If so, you'll know what a buzz that is... vicariously experiencing the excitement of that first slay all over again. If so, you'll know what it's like to be respected for your selfless efforts and you'll have no doubt experienced the subtle rewards of altruism...

So how about doing that on a grand scale? How about being the hub of your local suburb... the person who is designated as the 'go-to' man... the man who holds the fort for young scouts, for travelling zombie-hunters and people looking for a safe-haven for the night? You'll be responsible for tagging the building, keeping barracades at EH level and defending the building from attacks (so there'll always be room for some XP progression).

'"OK, but besides being community-spirited, what sort of attributes are you looking for?"

Basically, we're looking for people who perhaps have a fairly experienced spare alt that isn't providing you with the excitement it once did. Perhaps you've let one of your alts "idle out", or maybe your primary character isn't challenging you any more and you've restarted the game with a new character? Or maybe you're already doing the job of a Concierge and wish to be officially recognised? If so, you're an ideal candidate! However, you don't necessarily have to be a level-17'er or 36'er to apply. We are looking for people with the following skills:

Essential skills required Skill Usage
Military Combat A maxed-out combat skill level (either ranged or melee) is essential to prevent zombie incursions and remove the threat should your safehouse be breached.
Construction Goes without saying really. You need this to create and maintain an EH barracading level in your safehouse.
Free Running Again, goes without saying that you'll require this skill to in and navigate around your safehouse.
Tagging This is required to inform users of the safehouse that they rest within a M*A*S*H (or M*A*S*H affliated) safehouse.

Desired skills preferred Skill Usage
Headshot A headshot-enabled player can arguably provide a greater deterrent to zombies.
Body Building Purely for your safety. Admittedly, the extra 10HP doesn't always do that much, but it's worth having.
First Aid A Concierge should also have the ability to heal those who seek refuge. It's not essential, but it is useful.
Diagnosis Again, this is purely optional and there to help you to assist others more effectively.

'"Sounds like me... I'm interested, but I am/we are already part of a successful group and we don't want to change groups...."

That's fine! No problem at all. We understand that you may not wish to become part of our group (in that you don't wish to change the 'group' setting in the UD options)... getting your own group off the ground is difficult enough as it is without feeling obliged to officially join other groups. For people such as yourself (and we suspect you may be in the majority), you can become M*A*S*H affiliated through our M*A*S*H Affiliates programme. Essentially, you remain within your group, but your chosen safehouse is added to our active suburbs list. Of course, the exact location of your safehouse would never be displayed or published as per M*A*S*H policy (hell, you don't even need to tell us the location), but it would count towards our goal of creating a recognisable M*A*S*H safehouse for every suburb.

Our only request is that you tag the inside of the building accordingly (with M*A*S*H or MASH) alongside whatever you would normally spray.

'"Great... how do I sign up?"

You don't as such. If you want to become part of M*A*S*H, just set up your safehouse straight away, tag it and then let us know on the Talk:M*A*S*H page. If you want to be a member of M*A*S*H, just edit your UD profile accordingly. If not, and you wish to be simply affiliated through M*A*S*H Affiliates, just let us know when you contact us and we'll update our deployment table to reflect your choice.

Thanks for your support.

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