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A service brought to you by the D.H.H.S. of the Malton Department of Defense.
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MDD Tip Pamphlet

An MDD officer hands you a pamphlet. You open it. It looks like an instruction booklet for survivors in Malton.
Greetings Malton survivors! We at the Malton Department of Defense want your stay in Malton to be as safe and pleasant as possible. That's why we've prepared a special collection of tips and advice from current and past members to help you out. While new players will find the following information extremely helpful, even veterans of Malton may find something of use. If you have some useful tips of your own you'd like to share, just leave a note on the talk page.


(1) Gaining XP

(2) Surviving the Night

(3) Killing a Zombie

(4) Repelling a Zombie Break-in

(5) Surviving in a Ghost Town

(6) General Tips

(1) Gaining XP

1) Find a pool cue, it has a decent hit ratio without any hand to hand skills, use it to hit someone, and then immediately heal them afterwards for quick XP. Those who start as a Firefighter, will want to use the fire axe they spawn with instead, as it never breaks. The diagnosis skill will allow you to identify people who need healing.

2) The NecroTech Employment skill is good to get early. DNA Extractors are another excellent source of XP.

3) Don't bother using firearms without at least advanced training. Without the training the hit ratio/AP investment is not worth it.

4) Focus on skills that increase hit ratio's such as the military skills, and skills that reduce day to day AP usage such as lurching gait and ankle grab.

5) Avoid the first aid skill early in the game. It reduces the possible XP you can earn from each wounded person.

6) Attacking a zombie as a zombie is a method of gaining XP while dead.

(2) Surviving the Night

1) Stay out of suburbs designated dangerous or higher until you are a higher level. These suburbs have high zombie populations, buildings are frequently broken into and overcading is rampent. Also stay out of suburbs designated as a ghost town as while the zombie population is low, there is an abundance of ruin.

2) Use the suburb maps accessible through the wiki danger map. These maps will show you to recognized revive points and many suburbs have barricade plans that will show you to likely entry points. The Malton Department of Defense also provides situation maps of suburbs in which they operate, and these maps can also point you to an entry point.

3) When moving outside, leave yourself 5 - 10AP to find an entry point. Barricade levels change even as you play.

4) Avoid staying in buildings alone and you may want to avoid staying in malls. Both increase your chances of being killed by a survivor. Staying in dark buildings and obtaining a flak jacket reduce the chances.

5) Free Running is an excellent skill to get early. It will provide access to buildings that are barricaded higher then very strongly barricaded and reduce AP useage.

6) Construction is another skill good to gain relatively early, as it will allow you to barricade buildings yourself beyond loosely barricaded. Carrying a toolbox with this skill will also allow you to repair ruined buildings.

7) Keep at least 1 first aid kit on hand at all times so you can relieve yourself of infection.

8) Take a brief look into popular Urban Dead practices, such as the use of cemeteries as universal revive points.

9) Report any survivor who kills you on the rouges gallery using either a screenshot or a witness system. Some groups also have separate systems for dealing with player killers in specific area's. However reporting them decreases the chances of the player killer being revived when dead, and increases the chances they will be quickly dealt with when alive.

(3) Killing a Zombie

1) Wait until you have the majority of the military skills that increase hit ratios. Otherwise you will simply miss too much and waste too much AP to get a kill.

2) Carry multiple firearms, to avoid the expenditure of AP on reloading.

3) Carry a fire axe, it does not require reloading, or the costly AP search for ammo and is good in a pinch.

(4) Repelling a Zombie Break-in

1) Barricade first. Any zombies that have already entered the building are likely low on AP, but leaving the building open allows zombies with 50AP to enter.

2) The headshot skill is incredibly useful, incurring a 5AP increase on the amount required for the zombie to stand up. That's 5AP less to direct against barricades, or survivors.

3) Again, carry a fire axe. It's always ready for use.

4) Evaluate your circumstances, if you are alone in the building under attack, consider working from an adjacent building. However if there are many survivors present meat shield tactics become viable.

5) Always dump bodies.

6) Zombies inside that say "Mrh?" may be looking for a revive. Check their profile and help if they ask for one in their description, as long as they do not have a bounty on the rouges gallery.

7) Avoid random and combat revives, as this allows the zombie to ignore barricade levels and many are PKer's while alive.

(5) Surviving in a Ghost Town

1) Consider building a fake safehouse near your resting point. (Repair and barricade a building you are not staying in).

2) Leave the building you are staying in a ruin with open doors, anything else indicates your presence.

3) Do not attack a zombie unless you know you can kill them. They may have the scent trail skill which will lead them right to you.

4) Strafe barricade (repair and barricade many buildings to VSB), until enough buildings are repaired to act as proper safehouses.

(6) General Tips

1) Move in a diagonal when moving large distances to save AP.

2) Check the profiles of players your staying with. Not everyone is friendly.

3) Be aware of the brain rot skill, as it can cause excessive AP loss when attempting revives.

4) Consider joining a group. It makes it much easier to get revives and aid.

5) Set in your in-game profile certain items that are of no use to auto-drop.

Helpful Links

Suburbs (wiki suburb map)

Items List (List of where you can find certain items)

MAP (Map of Malton)

DEM Revive (DEM Revive Tool)

Rouges Gallery (Pker Listing Tool)


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