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Catergories and Information

MCWU Malton Construction Workers Union
Malton Construction Workers Union
Strength Through Solidarity!
Abbreviation: MCWU
Group Numbers: 1 Active
Leadership: Pyropardus - Current Union President
Goals: Keeping Malton Funtioning
Recruitment Policy: All Pro-Survivors Welcome.
Contact: Our Discussion Page


The Malton Construction Workers Union has only one purpose. Building a better future for Survivors. Whilst others may fight the great fight, we will make sure they can do it more efficiently and safely.


MCWU aims to enhance effectiveness of Barricade plans, by Consultation, Deliberation and Implementation.

This will be our primary focus for the foreseeable future.

Our main tools will be our Toolboxes, Generators, Fuel and Spray Paint.


MCWU members will need a Toolbox, Crowbar/Axe, as many Generators, as much fuel as they can carry, and a few can of Spray Paint.

MCWU members will be expected to train themselves in Free Running, Construction, and Tagging.

MCWU members will be encouraged to train themselves in Death Grip, and Ransack, as strategies involving ruins will be implemented where beneficial.

Current Projects

Cities and Towns Policy

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