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MDK Radio

Frequency: 26.33Mhz



Abbreviation: MDK
Group Numbers: 20+ We don't front.
Leadership: YOU!
Goals: We're a gang. We kill zombies, PKers, GKers, people on the list. Holding down The Four Corners
Recruitment Policy: Open recruiting. No zombie lovers. n00bs welcome.
Contact: Use our talk page MDK Discussion

The Murder Death Kill Organisation

MDK is basically a gang of inner city street thugs. The majority of the clan members are typically on a constant hunt for rotters to slay and walls to tag. MDK clan members are known for packing large amounts of ammo for extended zed killing in the Four Corners region. MDK is made up mostly of combat characters but the group currently has a few support guys to ensure other members can keep bashing zombie skulls. Although combat is a main theme, in times of need the clan will operate as a full support unit to combat the hoard and help fellow survivors. Every MDK member is eventually expected to map his/her own priorities, rather than follow any orders - which there wont be at any time.


Killing rotters, tagging everything, keeping the area powered, supporting other MDK group members, keeping peace in The Four Corners area of Vinetown, Edgecombe, Crowbank, and Pegton. Since we are not suburb specific, MDK radiates its area of influence from the Shyar Cinema (the original and still used HQ). Members are encouraged to recruit survivors to the MDK clan through any means necessary (tagging, discussion, etc.) MDK is survivor friendly and is ready to extend our network by allying with neighbouring groups.


  • For some years the MDK clan has claimed Shyar Cinema in Vinetown as their base of operations. MDK also defends and barricades a few neighbouring buildings as their area of influence. MDK welcomes all survivors to find safety at the Shyar Cinema or any other building MDK defends. MDK home movies are scheduled to play daily along with other great titles, admission is free. The neighbours at Leaman Grove School are still complaining about that skunk-like odour they claim is coming from the cinema. Barricade policy for the Shyar Cinema is EX-H, free running needed for entrance. Mitchem Mall is conveniently located 5 squares south east. Also we have two nearby Hospitals, Gelasius General Hospital (Vinetown) (83,60) to the East & Peter General Hospital (Crowbank) (79,60) to the West.

News and Events at The Shyar Cinema

  • All concessions open! Get your over sized popcorn & butter-like toppings now!
  • Shyar Cinema Hash Bar now open! Moderate prices, friendly people, great selection. Check it out today!
  • Bar/Lounge section is now open! in the theatre.
SCREENINGS @ 1,3,5 & 8:
World War Z (2013)

MIDNIGHT MOVIE: - Evil Dead (2013)

NO Shoes, NO Shirt, NO Brainz... NO SERVICE!
NO smoking but SMOKE!

Shyar Status


Shyar Cinema
--Sister Katie (talk) 18:59, 24 February 2020 (UTC)

MDK Radio - 26.33 MHz

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.33 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: all franchises


"Not your grandmother's easy listening station." -Broadcasting since June 1st, 2006

MDK now has an official radio frequency, 26.33 MHz- serving the 4 corners area and suburbs!

  • MDK RADIO 26.33 Mhz -Most popular radio station in The Four Corners & Vinetown!
  • Although 26.33 is mainly an info based channel, we play 2 hour commercial free sets of your favorite Heavy Metal. In addition to Metal, we got East Bay Hip Hop & West Coast Gangsta, we've even been known to bump DuB and Reggae. Tune in today!
  • MDK radio operates on 26.33 MHz. Other clans/groups in our area are encouraged to share 26.33 MHz with MDK and other groups.
  • MDK may have started this band, but it is open to all survivors and survivor groups.
  • MDK intends this band to be used by groups and survivors in the four corners area.(Vinetown, Edgecombe, Crowbank, Pegton)

Tagging/Graffiti Policy


We at MDK feel this quote from our forum sums up our tagging policy:

"People are complaining about graffiti and I say screw them. Graffiti as a turf designator is only good if you can keep it up. If someone were to walk into the Shyar Cinema and tag it up, we'd just tag it back over. We have plenty of active players and plenty of spray cans. I say, graffiti everything, let other people cover it up if they want to. They're complaining about graffiti in the Chatwin Library, NEXT DOOR to the Shyar. Let them cover our graffiti up 5 times a day. Why should we listen to anyone who tells us not to graffiti? Graffiti is vandalism. So I say, let's vandalize. Get out your spray cans and your MDK stencils. If anyone really wants to start a violent war over this, I say let them. Anyone provoked to violence over our graffiti can get a headshot from my shotgun. Peace -KillaChristian"

  • As the MDK organization grows, so will our turf and tagging range; it is simple Darwin shit.
  • MDK members are encouraged to tag often and everywhere with the exception of MSG revive tags and revive point info tags.
  • MDK tags should include "MDK" at the end of the tag, or include MDK somewhere in the tag; Example: "MDK PWNS Rotters"
  • MDK tags should not be put up over other clans tags in their HQs.
  • Slanderous tags about MDK should be covered promptly.

Revive Information 80px-Revive.gif

  • The MDK clan is currently using the Oldidge Way (78,58) revive point operated by Malton Science Group and other groups. When not under a zombie attack, Oldidge Way is a fast revive point.
  • Feel free to leave a revive request on the MDK discussion page. Waiting in a long line sucks, this is a better approach to getting a quicker revive.
  • Alternate Revive Point is @ The Dinovan Monument (84,60) operated by members of M.E.R.C.Y.
Suburb Location Coords Maintainer(s) Comments Timestamp
Edgecombe 78, 58 CDF
(Update RP)
Requests made through the DEM's Revivication Request tool are fulfilled when resources permit.
Requests made on the tool receive priority attention.
-- ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 22:26, 27 October 2010 (BST)
active slow inactive dangerous unknown


Searching the building you find a fuel can

All survivors welcome. Contact us on the MDK discussion page OR just put MDK in your group affiliation on your profile page and head on over to the Shyar Cinema or The Four Corners region. We are aggressively trying to recruit new members, so check it out. As you may know, MDK is a confirmed group, we play regularly. MDK has no authority structure , every member is his/her own boss. Choose your own Career path with excellent rewards and benefits! The only requirement is to aid MDK's mission: Killing zeds or help the survivor cause in the Four Corners. And always, MDK all DAY!

  • By joining MDK, new members are guaranteed a piece of the MDK killing spree.
  • New MDK members using Firefox or Chrome should check out this link and obtain a number: DSS SAT PHONE
  • MDK members should wear gang colours, something green.
  • MDK is an international clan! We have members from all over the globe, playing UD at all hours of the day.
  • Survivors are welcome to join and try out the MDK lifestyle. For any reason you're not satisfied you may choose to leave the MDK organization.
  • nOObs are very welcome to come check us out. MDK works hard to keep a near by building(s) kept at Very Strongly Barricaded for our newer, lower level members.
  • Be Your Own Boss!
  • If you don't like MDK, don't join us.

Join Now!!

MDK.jpg MDK Gang Member
Help the cause, join MDK Today!

Current Associates

MDK is a common interest clan. We hate rotters but love killing them, they are the bane of our existence. We welcome info from other clans regarding the un-dead population in the four corners region (Vinetown, Edgecombe, Crowbank, Pegton). MDK is always ready to aid other survivor groups in the area, just send the word. MDK only asks that other groups would return the favor if needed.

  • Any Survivors that kill zombies and aid the survivor cause.
  • M.E.R.C.Y. - They are our closest Allies at this moment in time, Sister Rita God Bless you & your group! They currently maintain a stand at Gelasius General Hospital and operate The Dinovan Monument RP(84,60)
  • TSI - MDK Consider TSI close partners. Although we hold no formal ties, common interests and the proximity of safe houses mean our paths often cross.
  • Night Ravers -Aside from their MO, MDK and the NR share similar interests. The NR are considered a MDK sister organization and MDK are on the Night Ravers guest list when they come to town.

Past Associates

The following groups have once been allied with MDK but have seemingly disbanded or moved on. Wiki pages have been checked for activity however if any of these groups wish to declare themselves active please comment here :

  • Disgruntled Heroes - MDK and the DH also had some diplomatic issues but regardless we consider them allies.
  • Malton Science Group - These guys rock! MDK and MSG are currently making sure the Oldidge Way revive point in SE Edgecombe stays operational. MDK will do its best to make sure the MSG are diligently at work at (79,58) reviving the un-dead.
  • Army of Dave - The AoD has a nOOb friendly HQ (barricaded VS) -so if your new and can't find a building barricaded at Very strong or less, head over to Caunt St. PD in south west Vinetown for shelter.
  • The Malton Mafia - The local crime syndicate to our west.
  • Edgecombe Families
  • SAZ -Survivors Against Zombies.
  • The Crowing - A new group formed by x-MDK thugs working in central Crowbank.

-Any Groups looking to ally with MDK should post on the MDK discussion page.

MDK Stale Candy


1812lsd is the keeper, but if you get passed it, keep it among MDK members ONLY! As he is very fond of the bitter sweet taste & would like it back from time to time.

You are passed some stale candy by 1812lsd

Current Events

June 30, 2015 - What has happened to the four corners? The place is a mess, where are all you MDK lot? We need to take this place back, this is a call to arms! -1812lsd 19:34 30 June 2015 (BST)

September 04, 2013 - Kono ruffied himself and passed out whilst Redeye cracked open the Champagne and went on a date. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 21:42 04 September 2013 (UTC+1)

March 09, 2012 - Wow nearly a year and no current events! We must have been busy.....paaaaartying! Things are great in Vinetown right now. We have been blessed with many friends new and old paying us a visit. Everyone has been enjoying our eclectic collection of movies and paying homage to Bongzilla. Happy New Year! ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 21:39 09 March 2012 (UTC+2)

June 27, 2011 - The Dead's numbers are falling by the hundred every week, at this time they are around halved from their peak. Large amounts of the Malton map are still very dangerous but currently Vinetown is enjoying a sabbatical. Revive points in Vinetown and Edgecombe are both fully operational with no wait for a needle. Lets enjoy it while it lasts eh? ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 17:48 27 June 2011 (BST)

May 31, 2011 - I bumped into a hero a of mine just before "The Dead" showed up. --1812lsd 02:27, 1 June 2011 (BST)

May 20, 2011 - Congratulations to Earletown for becoming the first green square on the map of Malton for some time. We hope to join you soon. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 12:47 20 May 2011 (BST)

May 17, 2011 - Life goes on in Malton despite the best efforts of The Dead 2.0. MDK members are actively supporting local groups to rebuild and reclaim the ruined TRP's and landmarks. MDK welcome the return of Layla Wilson and hope that she will stay even though times are hard. MDK members also welcome you to the new look Wiki page. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback on the discussion page. This revamp was long overdue and there are more changes to come. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 22:06 17 May 2011 (BST)

May 11, 2011 - Like the old newspaper gag The return of The Dead has turned the Malton map red all over. Only a few areas show orange or even worse, ghost towns! Vinetown and The Four Corners are included within the heart of the action. Revives are still coming albeit slowly, as stock piles of needles are used up or found amongst the debris of ruined NT buildings. Those rising from the dead have a short life expectancy and fail to make an impact on the rebuilding efforts. The Dead now number over 1500 zombies, although this number may now be falling rather than rising. As always MDK members are making the best of the situation and doing whatever they can between revives. MDK activity is up on past months, seems we all like a challenge. Todays stats: MDK 16 Active Members 36 Average Level 577 Rating. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 20:25, 11 May 2011 (BST)

March 25, 2011 - Just in case anyone missed the frequent spamming of the radio Bongzilla has now been found amongst Dawn Davenports personal effects. The hysteria is now over and everyone is chilling out. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 07:30, 25 March 2011 (BST)

March 22, 2011 - Things have been quite quiet around The Shyar and The Four Corners. Kono and BERKMAN FRICK have been entertaining us by going out of their minds with the loss of "Bongzilla"! MDK's exotic dancer, Dawn Davenport, made off with the MDK house bong about a month ago and hasn't been seen since. There have been posters put up around town and radio messages broadcast to try and locate her but so far to no avail. Bongzilla's smaller brother Bonzuki is currently standing in but is really no comparison due to a lack of laser eyes and extremely poor fire breathing capabilities which clumsy flying skillz don't make up for.

Outside of Vinetown MDK special ops agents (by special ops we mean mean drunken vagrants) have been over to the Ridleybank uprising, helping out mainly by depleting zombie AP acting as clawing posts. Revives are available nearby and post prick we head straight back into town to keep the RRF occupied by repairing buildings, TRP's and whacking up new barricades. Other members are visiting Pimbank's Tynte mall to help out with a breach and massacre situation before the arrival of the Big Red Vasectomy Tour. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 17:51, 22 March 2011 (BST)

January 31, 2011 - What's up with all the Wutz? - Update: Wutz Talk ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 18:39, 31 January 2011 (UTC)

January 28, 2011 - What's with all the wutz? Wutz characters have been identified in various parts of Malton. Zombies and Survivors all level 1. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 20:38, 28 January 2011 (UTC)

January 27, 2011 - Many MDK members are hanging about at the Shyar and enjoying the peace and quiet currently experienced around The Four Corners. The surrounding resource buildings are all powered and even the RP's are quiet. MDK members welcomed back Rez Stevens to the Shyar with a deep hit from Bongzilla, MIA status has been removed. We all hope you will be back for good, besides the latest crop of hydro has been curing for some months now and will soon be ready. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 20:23, 27 January 2011 (UTC)

December 10, 2010 - The MOB are confirmed visitors to Vinetown. MDK are helping out by providing radio broadcasts of the MOBs strike times and targets where available. Listen out on the 26.34Mhz frequency for information. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 14:40, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

December 09, 2010 - MDK members are preparing for devastation in Vinetown. Crowbank is ruined and it looks like Vinetown will be next. Rat Tactics are recommended for all, scatter!! ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 09:46, 09 December 2010 (UTC)


November 10, 2010 - MIA status has now been removed for two older members; Tetora and Priscilla Hadley. Both have been seen in vicinity of the Four Corners. We also welcome the return of BLAZING CORPSE, John89 and ObiCop back to the Shyar Cinema. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 08:01, 10 November 2010 (UTC)

November 08, 2010 - All is well around the four corners, things are looking up! Most buildings are repaired after the last wave of Zombies. MDK numbers are on the increase again with a resurgence of old members and new members joining. This recent growth has put us back on the stats page for the first time in a while and with respectable numbers:

  • Group = MDK
  • Known Members = 15
  • Average Level = 36
  • Rating = 550

ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 21:34, 08 November 2010 (UTC)

October 18, 2010 - Special Ops are over and marked as reasonable success. The Axtence building in nearby Osmondville was restored and revives are now being issued. Local survivor numbers are increasing and the overall state of repair is improving. Hopefully ghost town status will soon be lifted. MDK are back in Vinetown and happy to see that things have improved greatly. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 22:18, 18 October 2010 (BST)

October 11, 2010 - Some of MDK are out of town on special operations. Any survivor groups local to Maltons South East corner are welcome to join us, show your interest on our Talk page. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 19:48, 11 October 2010 (BST)

October 06, 2010 - MDK are back in Vinetown! In fact they never left, although the wiki forgot all about us. MDK members are still roaming the 4 corners, watching movies at the Shyar and shopping at Mitchem. Things are harsh at the moment with a noticeable amount of Malton falling into the red, Vinetown is right in the middle of the rot. ƦedeyeϧyϮ MDK | NW 20:15, 06 October 2010 (BST)

For older news see the MDK News Archive.


A list of MDK members who have surpassed the 10,000xp mark (regardless of skill count)

  • Bob the Beast
  • Chuck Norris 3030
  • ColdAsIce
  • KillaChristian
  • Vagitarian
  • RedeyeSy

Gang Members with 20,000+ xp

  • Kono
  • John89
  • Ulysses Demonshatter

Gang Members with 30,000+ xp


Gang Members with 50,000+ xp

  • 1812lsd


We Love You Guys!

It has come to our attention that some players and zombies that have been revived really hate being killed over and over by MDK. These haters waste most of their AP as survivors talking smack on the radio and tagging slanderous graffiti. Personally, we at MDK find it an honour to be so hated for aiding the survivor cause. We figure we must be doing a good job since we have our own fan base. Thank you haters for simply putting our name out there and making MDK that much more infamous. -We would like to thank haters personally... but it seems they all share extreme cowardice, keeping their identities private.


MDK.jpg MDK Gang Member
Help the cause, join MDK Today!
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