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On January 11, 2006, a group of survivors met at Ackland Mall with a single purpose in mind. That purpose would grow and flourish, and take on a life of its own. That goal: to give the hard-working, zombie-besieged citizens of Malton a well-deserved break. A vacation of sorts, even though they could not venture past the quarantine fence. That goal became known as Malton Tours Inc.

For the past year, MTI has been touring the city, seeing the sights and leaving their mark on the hearts and minds of survivors, and their shotgun slugs in the brainpans of zombies city-wide. The company, which started out so humbly, has grown and flourished into the beloved corporate entity that it is today.

When Ayumi Miyura and Lo Meng sent out the call to their pre-breakout friends Vince Craven and Pope Beligerent I to meet them at Ackland, they had no idea that the ensuing adventure would take them, over the course of the next year, to exotic locales across the city, meeting wonderful people and drinking lots and lots and lots of alcohol.

And now, as we approach that first anniversary, Malton Tours Inc. invites you to come celebrate with us.

We're Gonna Party Like It's...well...2007

That's right! Malton Tours Inc. invites you to celebrate with us! We've survived one whole year of adventuring together, and we want to share the excitement. All of our many former tourists, including such luminaries as The Gingerbread Men, Hivemind, The Sparkly Cupcake Princesses and countless individuals, are invited to come party with us. We're also pleased to extend the invitation to the groups that have played host to us over the year, and who have shown us such a good time, such as The Malton Zookeepers, The Night Ravers, The Broadway Zombies and others.

And you too! Even if you've never been on a tour, or shared a safehouse, or even heard of MTI before now, this is your chance to get acquainted. We want to show Malton what we're all about, and what we're all about is good times.

Where is this party?

The party will take place at beautiful and historic Pitman Mansion in Quarlesbank, overlooking the quarantine fence.

When will it be taking place?

The Malton Tours Inc. First Anniversary Extravaganza will be taking place January 8-14, 2007.

Why the hell should I bother coming to your party?

Good question. Very good question. Those of you who have been around the MTI staff know that we love nothing better than sitting around a blazing generator fire, drinking ourselves stupid and having fun in any way we can. Now we want to share that tradition with as many people as we can muster. The four rooms of Pitman will be divided up according to their party function: Bar, Lounge, Game Room and Pinata Room.


The bar, in the northeastern corner of the mansion, will be serving up MTI's famous copious amounts of intoxicants, and maybe a bit of Hivemind's special "party favors". Also on tap will be MTI original cocktails, such as the Malton, The Shell Shock and the Mind Masher.


The lounge, the southeastern corner, will be decked out in elegant couches and tables. Music and a spectacular light show by resident handyman Johnnie Walker will transport you to the most decadent nightclubs of Las Vegas. Perhaps the legendary Christy Christ Disco Ball will make an appearance. Who can tell?

Game Room

The game room, in the southwestern corner, is the place to gather for all manner of party games - truth or dare, pin the tail on the scientist, bobbing for braaains, and many others. Fun prizes for the winners!

Pinata Room

Just for this very special occasion, Malton Tours Inc. has procured and raised their own zombie pinata, who will reside in the northwestern corner of the mansion. Break the pinata open for a fun surprise! Will it be candy or hideous, rotting intestines? There's only one way to find out!

But I'm dead!

That's ok! MTI, as an Equal Opportunity employer, welcome the dead to our parties. There will be a special zombie party room set up at the warehouse off the southeast corner of the mansion. Undead partygoers are encouraged to stop by and have a nibble on any survivor who happens to be sleeping there, and to play whatever fun games you crazy zombies play. We'll also set up a festive bounce house for your undead bouncing enjoyment. Staff members who happen to die during the party will retire to the zombie party to entertain our shambling guests.

Super Special Thanks

Malton Tours Inc. would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to The Fortress for their invaluable aid in supplying security for our little shindig. Those guys really take their job seriously. We hope they'll have a chance to pop in for some hors d'oevres and a keg stand. If you happen across a member while at the party, please let them know you appreciate their help.

Where do I get more information?

More information can be found at the Malton Tours Inc. forum. We also have spaces for recording your memories, having discussions with other party guests, and getting more info on taking an MTI tour yourself. Cheers, see you at the party!

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