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You see a leaflet taped to the wall. It appears to be a guide on how to care for a mast building. It's dirty, dingy, and torn, but you can still read it.

Malton Telephone

Can you hear me now?


Please help us keep the mast on this building operational!

  1. Report the status of this building using the
    Network Status Report Interface
  2. Keep the generator fueled
  3. Keep Barricades at Extreme Heavy
  4. Keep a radio transmitter tuned to 27.00 MHz
  5. Tag mast buildings with the phrase
    "a MalTel leaflet:"
  6. If the mast is in need of service, put out a call on 27.00 and a tech will be there as soon as they can

If you're interested in becoming a MalTel employee, be sure to read the complete MalTel Technician Handbook and contact MalTel for opportunities!