Mall Tour '11

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Mall Tour '11

With the lack of previous tourists still playing and the general drop in numbers across Malton, this tour is unlikely to be as big in numbers as previous ones. But at the same time, several, or even most of our tourists, retain their horde names in their profiles this time around and are touring with us that way, so if you're wondering how we just trashed your mall, that should help you understand.

Current Target(s)

Nichols Mall [58,52] – [59,53]

Malls Already Toured

  • Mitchem Mall in Vinetown - The Harmans were weak, but probably best because we'd only just started. A big thanks to Feral Undead for the help.
  • Lumber Mall - Wasted thanks to the help of The Dead and the Feral Undead. What used to be survivors did two things: got scared, then eaten.
  • Joachim Mall - Same fate as Lumber, but with more bra!nz.
  • Blesley Mall - Empty on arrival. Our fame precedes us.
  • Pole Mall - Non-existent defense once again, parts of suburb being attacked as punishment.
  • Buckley Mall - Survivors spent more time shouting stuff on the radio than defending the mall. All talk, no action.
  • Tompson Mall - Did we take it down or was it already wasted?
  • Marven Mall - Another first class defense from the meaties, fell almost on arrival.
  • Ackland Mall - Harmans defended so well that by the time several of us had arrived it was already empty. Well done again, meatsacks!
  • Caiger Mall - Door buster sale and all you could eat special in the food court.
  • Calvert Mall - Harmanz actually put up a fight, in one of the places we least expected it too. Thanks for actually trying to defend one of your malls for a change.
  • Bale Mall - Another fight here! We thought we were about done but eventually persuaded a few harmans to allow us access to the premises.
  • Stickling Mall - Easy meat! Didn't last long, just what was needed after Bale.
  • Treweeke Mall - Fell quickly, hardly any fight from these northerners.
  • Dowdney Mall - Trashed as we turned up, almost no defence at all.
  • Tynte Mall - Also trashed as we turned up, but even worse than the last mall. Maybe they should get to Bale and learn some mall defending lessons.


If you want to join us, just add Mall Tour '11 to your profile and shamble to the current mall. If you're changing your group from a current horde, please change back as soon as this tour is over. Making hordes weaker in the long run is the last thing we want to do. Please bring only one character on the Mall Tour and keep it distant from any other characters you have, to avoid cheating and the public pantsing that follows.

While you're here, please spare a moment for the legendary Toxic Waste Dude.

Message For Survivors

For those of you of the living who decided to stop by and see what we're currently doing, check out our detailed battle plans.

Zombie Support Section

DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.