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An erstwhile atempt by survivors to keep the once great Malton publishing empire going...

Issue 1

Written by GabrielLogan

Bodies on the Rail

Start quote rb.gif "It was quite an odd scene, the body had severely been mutilated. We could not identify a face because of all the claw marks on it. Hopefully we can get this thing to the morgue to examine it and find out the identity of the victim."  End quote rb.gif

A body was found on the Ruddle Alley Railway Station in Reganbank this morning. Police from Molebank and Grigg Heights arrived on the scene and immediatly secured the area. The body appeared to be mutilated with a numerous amount of what were bite and claw marks. Police and staff from the Felix General Hospital in Molebank took care of the body, sending it to the morgue for later examination by the police.

In the News

Missing Bodies

Bodies came up missing in the Felix General Hospital morgue in Molebank, the first noticed body was that of the victim found on the Ruddle Alley Station. Police examined the area saying "There was blood everywhere. The morgue doors were opened and the bodies were missing." Police are questioning the hospital staff who say they saw nothing. However a few of the hospital staff seem to have gone missing, mainly the workers of the basement. Police searched the basement area and found only a few traces of blood. Later examinations of the blood confirmed it to be that the same of the victim on the Ruddle Alley Station. Another few traces of blood was similar to those of the bodies that had already been admitted to the morgue. Another blood sample found was examined and was discovered to be that of a hospital janitor. Police will continue searching for the bodies but there is no more news for the time being.

Unexplained Attacks and Killings

Followed by the incident regarding the missing bodies at Felix General Hospital in Molebank. There have been more killings. The bodies seemed to have received the same attack marks of the Ruddle Alley Station victim. There were bite and claw marks all over the bodies, parts of the body seemed to have been eaten away by someone. Police are now suspecting this to be the work of a cannibal killer. People have also been reporting that they were attacked in alleyways in the Molebank, Owsleybank, Reganbank, and Grigg Heights. They say while walking through the alleyway the were attacked by persons unknown who clawed at them and tried to bite them. One victim of these attacks said "I usually pass through Paillet Alley (Grigg Heights) everyday as a shortcut to get home from work, last night I got attacked by two unknown people. I couldn't really see their faces on account it was very dark. One of them clawed at my arm while the other bit my hand. I was able to shake loose of them and then ran all the way back home. It was probably the most scared I've ever been my whole life." Police are still looking for those who have been attacking people but have turned up with no luck except for some samples of blood found in the alleys where the incidents occurred. The blood was the same from that of the bodies that went missing from the morgue a week ago. It is turning out to be a confusing scene for police since they have no identity on the perpitrators, no motive, and no clue were they will strike next.

Riots of the Undead and NecroTech

Riots broke out in Havercroft, Lukinswood, Lerwill Heights, Shore Hills, and Reganbank. The instigators of the riots were the same attackers that have been assaulting people in the alleyways surrounding the same areas. The attackers appear to be what one person said were the walking dead. We have no information on what the attackers are or their motives. Police have been trying to hold back the attackers and keep them contained in the suburbs but have been overrun. Many police officers have been injured, receiving claws and bites from the attackers. People that have been bitten have later shown the same symptoms of those of their attackers. Police have stated that anyone who has been bitten must be isolated and to treat the wound with a first aid kit immediately. Unless treated the victim appears to become one of the attackers, which have been declared the undead. Nothing else can describe them, they moan, bite, claw. Police have engaged the zombies, trying to hold them back, but with the zombie number rising most of the police checkpoints have been overrun. Law enforcement officials and others have suspicions that NecroTech is responsible. A search warrant has been requested, although NecroTech denies any involvement in the incident, and states that they are working on creating a syringe to cure the 'zombies'. Police will continue to attempt holding back the zombies and are advising that citizens stay indoors and barricade their buildings. The military has been called in to aid with the situation, and have sealed off all exits to the city, as well as parachuting troops into the city to help fight the zombies.

Dear Editor:

January is no time to try to manage without the fire department. I have written a little article at the very bottom of this page. I will write more for you if you wish to present the consumers' viewpoint. Though anyone can tell you I'm a good bit more experienced than your average consumer. But not at the tasks that rightfully the firefighters should be doing! Really. Sincerely, Betty Crocker

Zombies Getting Smarter

As if droves of murderous undead wandering the streets weren't horrifying enough, recent reports describe grunted, but fully effective, communication amongst the risen. Read more at

Issue 2

Jun 13

The World Cup is underway with the opening ceremony's fireworks lighting Malton's sky. The first game, featuring the mighty Malton World Cup Committee and the 'zamba boys' Undeadites resulted in a controversial 3-3 draw and post-games riots, with over 20 casualities from each side. The second game in the group stage will take place on the 15 June at 1700 hours in Clapton Stadium.

May 30th

It seems that the brave reporters for the Malton Reporter may be in some serious trouble. Recent discussions with major groups (alive and dead) have lead to little progress in immunity for the journos.

It is with this in mind that all the journalists are required to travel incognito and armed. (A prerequisite by the Malton Press Association)

Following a few leads, there is a definite threat looming in the deep expected invasion is planned for the 6th of June. Citizens are asked to stock up on food, condoms (we need more citizens), barricade windows (preventing suicides) and weapons.

Updates on the south will be posted daily.


April 21st. Z-Day!


A few of us small groups have organized, and will participate, in the 1st annual Zombie Cull Day (Z-Day for short) and would like, if possible, all human groups to join in. The aim is for every human player to attack (and with luck), kill, a zombie during the day.

We understand that this is an ambitious project and understands that not every person will be able to participate (or be contacted), so we are urging every major human gang in Malton to rally their troops, take to the streets and support the push (emails are being sent over the next few days to as many gangs as possible). Every Zombie killed will be a step closer to reclaiming the city and we hope this will be the first of many organized events. The math’s are simple, 19494 survivors to 18848 zombies, less than 1 kill per person will make a clean city!

Z-Day is this Friday (21st); For more information contact --

Good hunting


The Hunters Club

Malton Fire Department activates ALL ALARM

Start quote rb.gif The highest ranking firefighter to report to the local station is to establish the operations command  End quote rb.gif

-- Fire Chief Alex Dobson

The MFD has issued a call back of all able bodied firefighters to deal with the unfolding disaster. Organisation is to be done at the Suburb or Fire District level. The highest ranking firefighter to report to the local station is to establish the operations command, and Coordinate with the Malton Police MPD. Establish a command post, survey your districts and await further instructions.

In The News

High ranking Police Chief issues survival guide

Start quote rb.gif People need to shoot and move  End quote rb.gif

-- Police Captain El Otro

Sinyor El Otro of the Malton PD gave our reporter a slightly less terse statement than usual during his weekly meet. He advised survivors of the recent Malton Zombie Apocalypse to acquire and learn basic gun skills in the first line of defence. "People need to shoot and move" - he added, suggesting that the ability to get from one building to another while spending the minimum amount of time in the street was essential. Many more of his survival tips can be read in the full report...

Eye witness describes battle for survival with 'walking corpse'

Citizen 1 
Lorks a mercy! If only I ad' a better learnin' so I could tell ya' the feer I ad' guvna. Gor blimy - e' wos dead e' wos!
Citizen 2 
It was like soooooo horribe! and like there was all this blood dripping on the floor, and I was like just screaming and screaming!! I mean, like, its arm was nearly falling off where someone had hit it with an axe, and like it soooooo grossed me out! I mean who wants to see something like that lurching at you when your trying to have brunch?!? What it it had gotten blood on my shoes!? They're designer you know. I only got them last week from the mall and it's not like they're gonna be restocking any time soon!

Fort Creedy Overrun!

In a stunning development, Fort_Creedy, one of the few known bastions and sanctuary of sanity in this increasingly insane city, had been overran by what has been termed a "zombie horde" of over 200 individuals. The local milita, the Creedy_Defense_Force, has been forced to evacuate the fort, leaving the stockpiles of survival equipment in the anarchists' hands.

Start quote rb.gif Out! Out! Regroup anywhere but here!  End quote rb.gif

-- Intercepted CDF Transmission

Eyewitness accounts report that a coordinated attack by the so-called "zombies" and live individuals contributed to the defeat of the Fort Creedy defenders. Clearly, the presence of living collaborators aside the so-called "zombies" lends credence to the theory that the "zombie plague" supposedly afflicting the city is nothing more than a elaborate hoax perpetuated by anarchist groups for the purpose of creating chaos in our fine city.

Issue 3

Zombie numbers at an all time high: and mobile coverage too!!!

Start quote rb.gif Recent statistics confirm the trend!  End quote rb.gif

-- A Malton analyst

Despite the month on month rise in zombie activity, plucky Maltonians get things on track! With the Mobile Telephone Network springing up all around the city its no wonder people are talking! And not just about the anarchists, this seasons line of new fashon wares are on show as productivity reaches an all time high! In fact rumour has it that there may even be food in the city in time for Christmass!

In The News

Your story here

Start quote rb.gif Like this  End quote rb.gif

-- Maybe you!

Well I never. As a well known consumer champion and a newcomer at that I certainly never thought I'd have to haul around dead bodies, repair buldings and secure doors at a Fire Station of all places! Where are the firefighters? Not at Holdsworth Row Fire Station, I can tell you that. And unless someone who knows what a barricade is, I'm really more of a baster, anyway, they better get here soon. Or no cookies! - Betty Crocker

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