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Top News

State of emergency declared in general Caiger Mall region

Caiger Mall (MAP) – The Malton Police Department (MFD) issued a state of emergency on Sunday for Caiger Mall and the surrounding vicinity after large zombie hordes affiliated with Shacknews were spotted inside various buildings in northern East Becktown.

The MFD ordered all buildings not functioning as entry points in the area to be barricaded to the level of "extremely heavily barricaded + 2" in preparation for an attack. Activity inside and around the mall picked up as survivors stockpiled food and ammunition.

"The level of fear throughout the area has risen dramatically," said one such survivor, who wished to remain anonymous.

Although those inside Caiger have issued requests for assistance, the response from survivors operating outside the area has remained tepid. Some of those who participated in the Battle of Blackmore still harbor ill-will towards the residents of Caiger who refused to send help or reinforcements during the siege. Others feel the recent rise of PTT in Shearbank, which has developed into a survivor safe haven, means a loss of Caiger Mall to zombie hands would not be as hard felt as some may think.

Other survivors, however, brush aside politics.

"I just want to live to see the sun rise tomorrow," said one, while shopping for first aid kits.

20:47, 23 October 2006 (BST)

Rise of Shacknews strikes fear throughout Malton

Reports suggest new zombie horde will strike Caiger Mall

Ackland Mall (MAP) – With the fall of Ackland Mall, Shacknews continues to spread death and destruction throughout Central Malton.

New reports by the Channel 4 News Team (C4NT) suggest that the horde's future target may be Caiger Mall, the scene of two epic, bloody battles between zombies and survivors in late 2005 and early 2006, with both resulting in survivor victories. With well over a 100 survivors in each corner, Caiger Mall may be the toughest target yet for the highly organized members of Shacknews, who have already swept through Pole Mall, Clapton Stadium, Nichols Mall, the Blackmore Building, and the aforementioned Ackland Mall.

The C4NT has posted tips for those in Caiger in preparation for the assault. It remains to be seen whether other survivor and zombie groups who operate outside the area will send teams to participate.

20:25, 20 October 2006 (BST)

Fall of Blackmore triggers unofficial zombie mall tour

Ackland Mall (MAP) – Coinciding with the fall of Blackmore, various zombie groups have proceeded to siege and ransack the malls around central Malton.

The Nichols Mall, which had been under siege by members of the Ridleybank Resistance Front (RRF) in September, fell to the hands of Shacknews the same day Blackmore fell. The highly coordinated zombie group successfully breached the defenses on October 12, with over 90 zombies penetrating the northeast corner. By the next day, the mall was devoid of life.

Members of the RRF and Feral Undead (FU) proceeded to Tynte Mall in Pimbank after the fall of Blackmore. A siege developed outside the northeast corner with break-ins becoming increasingly common on October 14 and 15. The small but determined members of the Tynte Mall Union struggled to rally survivors to the weakened northeast corner.

On October 16, the corner had been breached again and zombies poured in to feast. The first wave of zombies who entered were confused to find a group of over 100 survivors huddled in the northwest corner, yet barely 20 survivors in the other three corners. Survivor resistance throughout the battle was reportedly remarkably light, perhaps as a result of low morale due to the situation in Blackmore.

"It's like fishing with dynamite," said one member of Auxunit 10, an RRF strike team that participated in the attack.

With Tynte Mall ransacked, the RRF, FU, and feral zombies tore into surrounding buildings, rendering Pimbank undesirable for survivor occupation.

Upon discovering that the Blackmore Bastard Brigade was rallying survivor participants of the Battle of Blackmore to Ackland Mall, Shacknews shambled into Havercroft to feast on the weary humans. On October 15, a horde of over 100 zombies breached the northwest corner of the mall. Recognizing that many of the zombies in Shacknews were young, the New Malton Colossus ordered a general evacuation of the area in hopes of denying the group easy kills. Channel 4 News Team (C4NT) recommended the survivor population fade into the surrounding buildings and begin guerilla warfare.

"This is not a retreat!" said C4NT leader, Ron Burgundy, at the time. "[The Shacknews members] strike as one, so we have to break them up."

Resistance in the mall remained high, however, as many survivors decided to stand their ground rather than resort to guerilla tactics. On October 16, survivors managed to repair the damage from the previous night's attack and board up the northwest corner, but break-ins were increasingly common. The next day, a large coordinated attack by Shacknews on the southwest corner resulted in the deaths of over 70 survivors and the location was caked with dried blood and bodies. On October 17, Ackland Mall fell into zombie control.

Burgundy was disappointed, but had his eyes set on laying a foundation for a future battle in Ridleybank.

"We must restore Ackland, Nichols, and Hildebrand malls to working order and then, only then, return to Ridleybank," he said. "This begins, of course, with Ackland."

20:25, 20 October 2006 (BST)

The Briefing Room

  • Zombie News Network (ZNN) is reporting that Shacknews has suffered massive casualties after residents of Caiger Mall launched a preliminary strike on zombie hideouts in East Becktown, and that as a result, a planned assault on Caiger may be called off. Other independent reports, however, have observed no significant fall in zombie population. One MAP reporter, embedded with a division of a Shacknews strike team in an undisclosed location in East Becktown, reports only light skirmishes between lone zombie hunters and the horde. Some survivors believe this may be an attempt to confuse the residents of Caiger before an assault occurs, as ZNN has been seen by some as the official news outlet of Shacknews. – 21:16, 23 October 2006 (BST)
  • Tensions mount in Shearbank as survivor groups continue to bicker about acceptable barricade levels and the placement of a revival clinic. Specifically, several residents complain that Owsley Crescent Police Department is often found overbarricaded despite the adoption on October 15 of a revised barricade plan that named it an entry point. A separate argument has erupted over whether St. Christopher's Church should host an indoor or an outdoor revival point. The bickering has not yet turned into any violence between survivor groups. – 21:48, 22 October 2006 (BST)
  • Residents in Ketchelbank report sightings of monkees in the streets after zombie raiding parties broke into the City Zoo and ransacked several animal exhibits. The zoo remains closed as The Malton Zookeepers try to restore order at the location and locate the missing animals. Citizens who spot wild zoo animals are advised to stay away and report the incident to authorities who are better equipped to recapture the animals. – 20:59, 22 October 2006 (BST)
  • Because of increased zombie activity in the area, as well as rumors of a future attack on Caiger Mall by Shacknews, the northwest division of the Malton Police Department has issued a general travel advisory for all survivors travelling through northwest Malton, specifically Eastonwood, Richmond Hills, and Ketchelbank. Survivors without the free running ability have been urged in the advisory to stay away from the area. All other survivors have been advised to stock up on supplies in preparation for hostilities. – 15:19, 22 October 2006 (BST)
  • Zombie News Network (ZNN) is reporting that a survivor who was cleaning up the aftermath of a recent attack by Shacknews on Pole Mall may have uncovered the reason behind the horde's sudden and furious rampage throughout Malton. A note left behind in the mall suggests the horde is primarily composed of devout video game players whose unfailing dedication to their hobbies turned them into zombies. – 23:29, 21 October 2006 (BST)
  • A small group of determined scientists, The Brainiacs have established a research laboratory in The Fliney Building in the suburb of Miltown. The group hopes to establish itself as one of the foremost authorities on the zombie outbreak. The lab members have started a recruitment drive to attract likeminded academics across Malton. – 20:13, 21 October 2006 (BST)
  • A mysterious survivor group known as the Junkyard Bandits has allegedly begun terrorizing the suburb of Pitneybank. Residents in the area report witnessing group members killing fellow survivors and causing general mayhem. It is unknown whether the Creedy Defense Force (CDF) has begun operations against the Junkyard Bandits. It appears the CDF may be more concerned about the rise of the Creedy Guerilla Raiders (CGR), which is currently waging a guerilla war against the CDF. – 16:38, 21 October 2006 (BST)
  • The fall of Blackmore has emboldened the Apocalypse Horde to expand its borders to include Tollyton, which lies south of its current base of operations, Roftwood. Reports indicate that Woodroffe Mall lies empty and ransacked. Zombies from both the RRF and the Apocalypse Horde have launched a major offensive on survivor hideouts in Tollyton. – 21:05, 20 October 2006 (BST)

About the Malton Associated Press

The Malton Associated Press (MAP) was established on October 20, 2006, in an effort to serve both Malton survivors and zombies with high-quality wire reports on the status of the entire Malton area.


All free-lance or aspiring journalists in the Malton are invited to submit articles here. Stories are subject to editing.


Malton organizations who wish to reprint articles may do so for free, provided they attribute the story to the MAP. For your convenience, a template has also been created that will place a list of the top headlines on your page. Insert {{MAP Current Top News Headlines}} in your wiki, and the most up-to-date headlines will be fed to your page.


The Malton Associated Press strives for accuracy and welcomes submissions of factual errors here. Because of the unique format of its publication as a wiki page, readers are invited to correct spelling mistakes by editing the page.

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