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Biathlon? What's That?

It's a sport! It's generally regarded to have descended from Scandinavian military drills, where soldiers in the mountains would have to ski a distance to a target range, shoot, and ski back. Nowadays, the winter biathlon is an Olympic event; the summer biathlon, replacing skiing with running, is moderately popular in Europe and is slowly catching on in the United States.

We're Having One In Malton?

Yes! Development is currently at an early stage, but we're shooting (no pun intended) for an early December start. The start/finish is going to be in Santlerville, because, frankly, it was getting a little dull and some of us were getting restless.

All interested survivors are welcome to participate. We strongly suggest having firearm skills, as they will provide a major advantage, but do not require them.

So How Will It Work?

Again, we're working on the details. Suggestions are welcome on the Talk page.

The Running

We'll start in the southwest corner of Santlerville, west of the mall (exact building TBA). The racecourse will cut a diagonal path southwest through Randallbank, and runners will then enter the shooting range: Ridleybank.

The Shooting

Once in Ridleybank, the shooting portion will begin. Why Ridleybank?

  • It's generally full of zombies
  • It's close to Santlerville
  • The targets shouldn't mind much -- they can just stand right back up the next day

The Running Again

After shooting, runners will return the way they came and finish back at the start/finish building.

The Scoring

All participants must be at the starting location at least fifteen minutes prior to the start for a pre-race screenshot to be taken by a neutral party, as evidence of presence.

Start Date and Time: TBA

To be scored, THREE screenshots must be taken. Screenshots MUST include your computer's clock.

  1. At the very beginning, showing your racer at or near full AP and your computer clock showing the starting time. For example: if we start at 5:00pm, this shot must show your clock at 5:00pm or your time zone equivalent.
  2. After you've killed your target (must show the kill and the Ridleybank suburb name).
  3. The moment you return and finish.

Other Rules

  • Considering that many browser clocks do not display seconds, if yours does, we will round down to the nearest minute.
    • Example: 5:07:33pm becomes simply 5:07pm.
  • In the case of a tie, which is likely, the tiebreaker will be decided based on frugal AP usage; choosing a short route to Ridleybank and being a good marksman (getting lucky with your shooting) will be advantageous. Thus, it is in your best interest, though not required, to:
    • Use shotguns
    • Have fully upgraded your firearm skills
    • Begin the race with full AP and fully loaded weapons

I've Got A Great Idea For This!

Awesome! Put it up on the Talk page and we'll gladly consider it.

Malton Biathlon Logo.JPG Malton Biathlon
This player/group is planning to compete in the Malton Biathlon.

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