Malton Block Party

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Malton Block Party
Abbreviation: MBP
Group Numbers: >9000
Leadership: N/A
Goals: Take a few days off and enjoy ourselves.
Recruitment Policy: Open to everyone.
Contact: This article's talk page.

You are cordially invited to the Second Annual Malton Block Party!

The theme this year is "Western", but you can come as you are, (Alive, dead, wanted for murder, etc.) as this is a casual event. There are no solid plans for events, but there is a high probability of a beer bottle fight breaking out. (Party-goers with sensitivities to breaking glass are advised to be careful around the Corfield and Higgs arms.)

It will be taking place in Northwest Stanbury Village during the week of September 20th, 2009.

RSVP by carrier pigeon or just show up on the day.


Here's a map. (Thank Jen for that.)


As last year, this is a non-partisan event. We ask that you all try to keep the death toll down, however revives will be available. It would be nice to keep most or all of the buildings in the area unbarricaded, but also unruined.

Events Timeline

A few things you may want to check out, but don't feel obliged to attend.

  • Sunday, Sept. 20th - Party begins! Please, cease hostilities. (Or at least don't go below 10 HP)
  • Monday, Sept. 21st - Overnight marshmallow roast in the historic Whetcombe Park.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 22nd - Note to revivers, check Whetcombe Park for dead survivors
  • Wednesday, Sept. 23rd - Nothing.
  • Thursday, Sept. 24th - Beer-Bottle fight in The Higgs Arms. Make sure to stock up beforehand!
  • Friday, Sept. 25th - Nothing
  • Saturday, Sept. 26th - Free-for-all death-match at the Mansion.