Malton Bolshevik Party

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Malton Bolshevik Party
Abbreviation: MBP, The Bolsheviks
Group Numbers: Not important
Leadership: Saint Montag
Goals: To promote revolutionary and socialist ideas and agendas in various suburbs of Malton
Recruitment Policy: If interested, please leave a message on the Talk Page
Contact: The talk page

The Malton Bolshevik Party was formed in December of 2006 in an effort to spread socialist and revoluionary ideas, material, agendas, and knowledge throughout Malton and its many Suburbs.


21st of April- Leadership turned over to Saint Montag

27th of December- The MBP is created.


Operation Chancelwood

Operation Chancelwood, started April 21, is a push to promote socialist knowledge in the suburb of Chancelwood.

Note: Color-coating indicates operation status. No color-coating indicates that the operation is currently in progress. indicates that the operation is currently in progress. Green means that the operation has been fully compleated successfully. Red indicates that the operation was a failure. A more detailed list of operations is located here.

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