Malton City Circus

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Malton City Circus

10 or so active on a bad day.

-Apocalypse Throb

Active Members
-Apocalypse Throb
-Gargle Bargle

Recruitment Policy
1. Be a zombie
2. Make strike times
3. Post Here
4. PM pk4lyf

The Malton City Circus has disbanded

Malton City Circus is the newest strike team of the Ridleybank Resistance Front. It is a mobile group which tours Malton, helping its brazzahs and zazzahs to disrupt, destroy, and kill.

The Circus formed in July 2007, however, little is known about the secretive Circus. Rumors describe the Circus breaking into harman safehouses and laughing psychotically. Surviving harmanz are said to be left horrified and shocked, leaving them deeply disturbed. It does not matter where you hide, we will find you and we will help you embrace Barhah.


Any zombie of any level is welcome to join, you will be allowed into the family, however we ask that you can log in on weekdays at 17:30p.m. EST / 21:30GMT

PM pk4lyf on the RRF forums to join, or for more information.

Malton City Circus

Malton City Circus

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