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MCDUlogo.png This Malton Civil Defense Unit has been disbanded.
Unfortunately, the MCDU has disbanded the SRU in favor of more contemporary units, but this page is kept in memory of the unit.

Abbreviation: SRU
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: CO - Capt Kangaroo

XO - Tonyay163

Goals: Drink beer in the most professional way possible
Recruitment Policy: Join the MCDU
Contact: Forum

The MCDU Special Response Unit is comprised of highly specialized and capable troopers having come up through the MCDU training program and have shown a dedication and willingness to be a part of a real-time strike team. The SRU are able to deploy quickly to any part of Malton to support local groups wherever zombie activity is at it's fiercest. As part of the MCDU, the SRU operate under the umbrella of the Department of Emergency Management

Group Backstory

Formerly known as MACH, SRU was created from the old MACH elements by Duncan and Carrll when the MCDU reformed into its present state.

The Special Response Unit are rarely seen, yet their presence is certainly felt. They do not advertise their operations, nor do they seek glory or fame from their actions. The SRU simply go in, do their job, and move on.

Group Goals

The MCDU is currently structured around large scale intensive operations in a localised area. While undoubtedly and proven effective it makes it harder to support a more distributed effort. It is the goal of the SRU to go to the hotspots of zombie activity and help support local initiatives and offensives.

MCDU & DEM Sister Groups

The SRU are a specialized unit of the Malton Civil Defense Unit, which is itself an affiliate of the Department of Emergency Management.

Recruitment Policy

Unfortunately, only members from the MCDU's teams are currently selected for SRU duty. The selected few are those that have shown initiative, skill, hardiness, and a willingness to work with others. SRU members usually have most (if not all) of the survivor skills, as the squad (and if need be, every individual member) is independent and can't rely on specialized teams for everything.

If you are interested in the SRU, join the MCDU. After a while, express an interest in SRU, and we may select you. Don't call us, we'll call you.

Operating Policy

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!

This user or group supports the No Random Revive Policy

Operational History

Details of selected SRU Operations will be posted here as they are concluded. Obviously for operational security reasons details of current operations are restricted to privileged channels.

  • Operation Red Dawn:
The MCDU along with the SRU went into Dulston to help. Co-ordinating with Unit Four "The Shadowmen" they cleared the mall quickly and smoothly. Revives were also made.
  • Operation Tollyball:
SRU moved into Tollyton to help secure Woodroffe Mall and the surrounding buildings. A massive revivification effort took place and SRU members logged over 25 revives in a short time.
A short operation, lasting less than 48 hours in Eastonwood was a success, helping clear revive queues, clearing out several resource buildings and bringing a NT facility from zombie occupied to EHB and fully operational.
After a successful operation helping clear revive points in and around SW Havercroft the team is moving out. Thanks to the coordinated effort, revive queues were cleared, buildings secured, and survivors began to move back in.
The SRU team moved in to South Blythville in the wake of the Big Bash to re-establish Revive Points and get the suburb back on its feet. After the objective was accomplished the SRU left the suburb to help other suburbs in need.

Honour List

A list of honoured SRU members no longer with us:

  • Duncan (Sitting on his beach somewhere...)
  • Carrll (MACH Co-Founder and MACH/SRU All-Star)
  • wj666 (Wade, the bringer of beer) - Dishonorably Discharged
  • ozzel (The man in the back wearing black)
  • Dark wingstalker (MACH Co-Founder)
  • Seloth (The scout) - Dishonorably Discharged
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