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MCDUlogo.png This Malton Civil Defense Unit has been disbanded.
This unit of the MCDU has been disbanded and has been consolidated into the current units serving today.

MCDU Unit One "The Death Dealers"
Abbreviation: Unit One
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Lt. Colonel Vashka, Captain Darkwolf
Goals: Termination of the Undead.
Recruitment Policy: Join the MCDU
Contact: N/A

The Death Dealers

"Do not hunt what you cannot kill."

"The MCDU Death Dealers" are the MCDU's Unit One, a highly trained, mobile assault team. Unit One is a portion of the MCDU, which is an official member of the Department of Emergency Management. Since the restructuring of the MCDU into a more efficient fighting force, Unit One has shown outstanding skill and valor in the completion of their mission objectives. They continue to be an excellent set of troopers dedicated to clearing the city of Malton of it's zombie threat.

Group Backstory

After the restructuring of the MCDU, Unit One was given the code name "The Death Dealers". Lt. Colonel Vashka was given command, and he has been assisted in this role ever since by Captain Jarl Darkwolf. Both of these men have proved they have a skilled lethality in dealing with the undead, as well as leading combat effective troopers into battle. "The Death Dealers" pride themselves on being highly skilled, cross trained zombie killing machines. The MCDU's missions in various suburbs of Malton are anchored by the four main Units, and Unit One are usually one of the first to see action and the last to leave.

Group Goals

  • Elimination of all undead throughout Malton City.
  • Revivication of survivors infected by the zombification virus.
  • Securing resource buildings and rebuilding suburbs.
  • Returning suburbs to the local living population.

MCDU & DEM Sister Groups

"The Death Dealers" are Unit One of the Malton Civil Defense Unit, which is itself an affiliate of the Department of Emergency Management.

Operational History

  • Operation Shopping Spree
Unit One served with valor and distinction in this MCDU operation in the suburb of Tollyton. Unit One's primary objectives in the area were sweeping, clearing and maintaining Woodruffe Mall as well as revivification of local survivors. Unit One was able to keep the mall barricaded, in human hands, and predominantly powered for resupply throughout Operation Shopping Spree. In addition to this, they managed to combat the zombie threat at every turn during the MCDU occupation of Tollyton.
  • Operation Home Improvement
Unit One served with distinction in a quick campaign to get Dulston back o it's feet in the wake of The Big Bash. MCDU Units rolled into town and within a week had all NT buildings powered and barricaded, Treweeke Mall powered and barricaded, and a good majority of the suburb locked up tight. The MCDU managed to spread the word and returned the suburb to the local human hands to look after. A job well done.
  • Operation Rolling Thunder
Unit One not only served in this mission, but it's commanding officer Captain Vashka also assisted in the planning phase. This time, the MCDU moved to Houldenbank to assist the DEM allied group FANNY in getting this suburb back on it's feet. All MCDU Units were met with great resistance, as the suburb had become a ruined shell of it's former self. The Black Berets and FANNY continue to fight viciously for this hotly contested suburb. While there, the MCDU helped get major resource and NT buildings up and running, and assisted the local groups in combating the zombie hordes. A very tough mission indeed.
  • Operation Clover Leaf
Unit One, along with the rest of the MCDU rolled into the suburb of East Becktown with a plan of action to help support the area and provide an evacuation site, along with a temporary safe haven in the wake of the Caiger Mall siege. The suburb was secured quickly and maintained that way for the length of the mission and unfortunately the Caiger Mall was taken by the zombie hordes attacking it, thus the MCDU along with Unit One had already prepared a safe area for everyone to fall back to and proceed with revives. Mission well done.
  • Operation Bitch Boots
The MCDU rolled into South Blythville in order to just help the local groups that were there at the moment and in order to resupply for their next mission. Nothing Earth shattering happened or of too great of importance; just your average patrol and resupply visit to a relatively stable area of Malton.
  • Operation Goldrush
Unit One, along with the rest of the MCDU made their way to the Ackland Mall area, in which they secured and cleared the area, making it safe for survivors once again. Unit One specifically was assigned the task of retaking the mall and providing the upkeep of it. Mission was a complete success and the suburb is now safely back into survivor hands.
  • Operation Northern Lights
The MCDU moved into the suburb of Darvall Heights in order to retake the Caiger Mall. Unit One, along with three other units were specifically designated to focus all of their manpower onto the mall in order to secure it. Needless to say, within a week, Caiger Mall was back in the hands of survivors and the suburb itself was decently cleaned up. Another great accomplishment for the MCDU and Unit One.
  • Operation Full Metal
Current location and objectives are classified.

Honour List

This list honours those fine officers that have served in the Command Unit with distinction and valour. There leadership and presence will be missed.

  • Ivan Romanov
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