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MCDUlogo.png This Malton Civil Defense Unit has been disbanded.
This unit of the MCDU has been disbanded and has been consolidated into the current units serving today.

MCDU Unit Three "The Hell Hounds"
Abbreviation: Unit Three
Group Numbers: Classified



Goals: Termination of the Undead
Protecting the citizens of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Join the MCDU
Contact: Brainstock

The Hell Hounds

Stepping in this dog's yard will get you killed.
"The Hell Hounds" are an independent unit within the Malton Civil Defense Unit, which itself is an official member of the Department of Emergency Management.

Group Backstory

Throughout history, mankind has utilized dogs to protect homes, livestock, and property. Unit Three carries on with that tradition by protecting the survivors of Malton from the undead menace. These hounds have big teeth and bad attitudes. If you don’t want to get bitten, stay out of their yard.

Reinstated in May 2009, newly re-formed Unit 3 is building up on the tradition of prominent officers and outstanding troopers serving under the standard of Hell Hounds. With majority of its former members lost (though not forgotten) or playing vital roles in other active MCDU units, Unit Three is essentially starting fresh - carrying no burden of the past, dedicated to the achievement of the MCDU goals, fierce in the execution of their orders and still enjoying the fun of this hell on earth called Malton, no matter how hot it gets.

Group Goals

See MCDU Group Goals.

MCDU & DEM Sister Groups

"The Hell Hounds" are Unit Three of the Malton Civil Defense Unit, which is itself an affiliate of the Department of Emergency Management.

Recruitment Policy

"The Hell Hounds" support tagging buildings to invite all survivors to join the Malton Civil Defense Unit.

Operational History

  • Operation Pit Stop (October 2009)
We have made a short stop in the Nichols Mall to retake it and restock. After having restocked the mall didn't hold for long - not enough locals to keep hold of it and we are leaving for another mission.
  • Operation Bar-Ville (September 2009)
MCDU have put some nice effort into restoring the suburb of Barrville. Starting from the west, pushing further east as far as Ridleybank goes. The biggest fights were fought when reclaiming the Floyde Stadium and maintaining the PD and hospital just south of it.
  • Operation Guardian Gophers (August 2009)
Many fights were fought around the newly found EBS, which has been changing hands every few days. During the time, MCDU have also had a quick peek into long time ruined Molebank, however at last the operation ended with a successful defense of the Stagg NT.
  • Operation Event Horizon (July 2009)
With the recent reports of Malton's Emergency Broadcast System being found, MCDU embarked on a city-wide search for it. Unit Three was assigned the westernmost third of the Malton, where the EBS has been eventually found. Even though not resulting in EBS having been found by us, the operation proved to be a great test of our ability to survive on our own, yet being able to react on the fly based on how the other fellow troopers were doing.
  • Operation Homecoming (June - July 2009)
MCDU was the main force behind restoration of Danversbank. The mission was interrupted momentarily due to Fire Drill, however MCDU came back to finish the job and reinforce the relationships with local groups. Paddy Dignam said "Many thanks to the MCDU for all the help. Now Gina and I can get back to our game of strip Battleship. I believe I know where she's hiding that Destroyer... E5!"
  • Fire Drill (June 2009)
Unit 3 along with the rest of MCDU took part in a Fire Drill organized by MFD on the occasion of Father's Day on June 21st. More than 50 survivors of DEM member groups responded to the MFD call. Barbecue was delicious, drinks went down the thirsty throats at a deadly pace, at certain point even a group of zeds couldn't resist and joined us for a while.

Honour List

MCDU Unit Three "The Hell Hounds" pay tribute to their distinguished former members:

  • Yurination
  • Patches O'Houlihan
  • Elsinthun
  • Daniel Clark
  • Death's Embrace
  • Francois T Dangin
  • TheKruton

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