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MCDUlogo.png This Malton Civil Defense Unit has been renamed to Unit Five "The MACH Team". MCDUlogo.png

MCDU Unit Five "The Night Stalkers"
Abbreviation: Unit Five
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Captain tonyay163,

2nd Lieutenant Whitewolf3

Goals: Termination of the Undead.
Recruitment Policy: Join the MCDU
Contact: N/A

Group Backstory

Formerly known as MACH and SRU, the Night Stalkers was created from the old MACH and SRU elements by Duncan and Carrll when the MCDU reformed into this recent state.

The Night Stalkers are rarely seen, yet their presence is certainly felt. They do not advertise their operations, nor do they seek glory or fame from their actions. The Night Stalkers simply go in, do their job, and move on.

Group Goals

Essentially, Unit Five is the MCDU's L.R.R.P. Unit. L.R.R.P stands for Long Range Reconaissance Patrol. The main purpose of the Night Stalkers is to provide the MCDU with early stage recon of an area before the MCDU as a whole moves to that area. In short, they will be scouting the threat levels and establishing safehouses for the bulk of the MCDU's forces before they arrive. As such, Unit Five is the only Unit operating outside of the suburb the rest of the MCDU is currently operating in. Generally speaking, they will always be operating in what is proposed to be the MCDU's next theatre of operation, but not always. In addition to those duties, Unit Five is expected to do the normal tasks asked of all MCDU Units to perform (such as cading, reviving, fighting zeds, etc).

MCDU & DEM Sister Groups

The SRU are a specialized unit of the Malton Civil Defense Unit, which is itself an affiliate of the Department of Emergency Management.

Operational History

The first operation as Unit Five. Unit Five went ahead of the MCDU and scouted out the area that was devastated by the recent fall of Caiger, setting up safe houses in advance of the other units of the MCDU. Unit Five then proceeded to help retake the mall and the surrounding areas from the zombies, marking a victory over the zombies that lasted a long time.
  • Operation Lock Down
Current location and objectives are classified.

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