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MCDUlogo.png This Malton Civil Defense Unit has been disbanded.
This unit of the MCDU has been disbanded and has been consolidated into the current units serving today.

MCDU Unit Seven "The Red Storm"
Abbreviation: Unit Seven
Group Numbers: Inactive
Leadership: Inactive
Goals: The protection of Maltons citizenry.
Recruitment Policy: Join the MCDU
Contact: Forum

The Red Storm

"Sino tempestas furor" - "Let the Storm rage!"
The Red Storm has been named in honor of the stolid strength and unity displayed by the World War Two era Soviet Army. The Red Storm is an semi-autonomous entity under the MCDU mobile command unit, which itself is an official member of the Department of Emergency Management. As the last MCDU infantry unit, responsibilities range from the hardening of neighborhood structures to healing of wounded to assaults on enemy locations.

Group Backstory

Formed shortly after the retaking of Caiger Mall on Christmas 2006, The Red Storm has constantly proven itself in the defense and support of a number of strategic targets within Malton, despite being the youngest 'infantry' unit within the organization. The Red Storm was instumental in the support of Giddings Mall during Mall Tour '07. While the Mall did eventually fall due to the steady decrease of civilian population, the MCDU's presence allowed Giddings to hold out against the zombie threat for over a week - far longer than any other mall target.

The Red Storm was also known to excel in inter-unit competitions, and has taken first place during the vast majority of these challenges. This - along with its successful approach to completing objectives - has given The Red Storm a rugged, prideful, and independent feel that further distinguished it from other units.

Due to shrinking numbers, The Red Storm was consolidated into a single unit on March 31th, 2011. It was one of the last units to be merged.

Group Goals

The eventual eradication of the zombie threat to the citizenry of Malton. Whether that eradication is achieved via the reclamation or the destruction of each walking corpse is the choice of that individual corpse.

MCDU & DEM Sister Groups

"The Red Storm" is Unit Seven of the Malton Civil Defense Unit, which is itself an affiliate of the Department of Emergency Management.

Recruitment Policy

Redstorm02fe7.jpg RedStorm.jpg|

Operational History

  • Operation Red Storm
  • Operation Divide and Conquer
  • Operation Lock Down
  • Operation The Eastonwood Campaign
  • Operation Preemptive Guard
  • Operation Steadfast Defense
  • Operation Aftermath
  • Operation Relentless Wave
  • Operation Reclamation
  • Operation Stoic Guard
  • Operation Syringe Source I
  • Operation Syringe Source II
  • Operation Boredom
  • Operation Playground Eastonwood
  • Operation Ghostbusters
  • Operation Perryn-ting
  • Operation Cutter

Honor List

  • 1LT Capt San
  • 1LT Runtothetrenches.

We can only hope we served you half as well as you served us!

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