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Malton Danger Updaters
Malton Danger Updaters
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The current assignments are listed below. If you notice an area not properly updated, or have special need for updates in an area, feel free to add an assignment below. If you have an alt in the MDU, claim any assignment you like! For past assignments, see the archive.

Marking Unknown (Cyclic)

Note that procedures for this task have changed! Make sure to read the below.
Program timing: Ongoing/permanent. This month our task is to mark all buildings with reports from February 2018 or earlier in the center, southwest & northeast quintants unknown. This has not been completed for this month.
Description: This is an on-wiki only task.

Each month, one quintant of the city is to be swept to replace old (more than ~4 months out of date) building statuses with "unknown". This occurs on a five-month cycle, with each radio sector (see map) being swept in turn.

This month to-mark

Center, Northeast & Southwest:

Cycle & Procedure

  • Southwest: January 2018, June 2018
  • Northeast: February 2018, July 2018
  • Northwest: March 2018, August 2018
  • Southeast: April 2018, September 2018
  • Center: May 2018, October 2018

Make sure to return the building's status to "unknown", list the last update date, and sign. For example:


Dandison Auto Repair
This report was last updated in October 2015.
Danger Updater MDUDC 00:47, 3 February 2016 (UTC)

Also, if you generally come across a building whose status is a few months or more out of date, you can mark it unknown, whether or not it is that quintant's turn in the cycle.

EMR Updating

Program timing: Ongoing/permanent.
Description: One ongoing responsibility is to update the External Military Reports. This includes updating building- and suburb-level Danger Reports to reflect EMR information. For more, see the EMR Instructions page.

GSGM (upcoming)

Program timing: Beginning in the fall of 2018, MDU will be participating in the Great Suburb Group Massacre! It's been five years, and the suburb groups and radio pages need updating.
Description: Watch this space for more on GSGM procedures and how MDU members can help out!

Recently Completed Programs

For older assignments, see the archive.

Catch-Up Sweep

Program timing: January 2018, complete
Description: Because the cyclic Marking Unknown project below has fallen into a hiatus, we are currently undergoing a major catch-up. Our goal is to mark unknown all buildings in the city that have been updated in August 2017 or earlier.



Mathias General 2.jpg
Program begins: August 2017
Completed: August 2017
Description: There's a swath of Malton that needs our help. From the Flooks Building in Brooksville to Hildebrand Mall in Roftwood, this gray area must be filled!


Penny Area

Josephine General.jpg
Program begins: July 2017
Completed: August 2017
Description: The greater Penny Heights area has seen some turnover in the last couple months, and is in need of an update.


Northwest Corner

Program begins: May 2017
Completed: June 2017
Description: Malton's northwestern extremity (plus Lukinswood!) needs our help.


Greater Giddings

Program begins: April 2017
Completed: May 2017
Description: Our current assignment is to fill in several suburbs around Giddings Mall.


Center City Cleanup

Program begins: February 2017
Completed: March 2017
Description: There's chunks of the central city that haven't been updated since the summer! Let's get on updating this core region of Malton.


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