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Malton Department of Defense
Malton Department of Defense

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Old News Updates and Alerts from the main page are filed here.

MDD Alerts

  • Due to a series of budgetary setbacks, the MDD High Command voted unanimously 1:0 to cut back on inefficient programs and under-performing divisions. Yes, the MDD has permanently mobilized. We now serve all of Malton. -18/8/2012
  • Malton veteran Feldino has been appointed as Director of National Security. We salute him in his endeavors to increase the strength of the MDD. -3/8/2012
  • In recognition of his years of service to the citizens of Malton and the MDD, Icenine is hereby promoted to the rank of DSS Commanding Officer. His service in the field has earned him great respect among his comrades and enemies, and his dedication to the survivors of Malton will not go unrewarded. -3/8/2012
  • The MDD welcomes back co-founder Constantine, who has rejoined the ranks of the living. Constantine will assume the role of Executive Officer and possibly other duties. Chief's Note: Break out the beers, Constantine's back! - 21/5/2012
  • The MDD bids farewell to long-time member and DHHS Commander Zach016. Zach has stepped down as DHHS commander and MDD Second-in-Command after a long and dedicated service to the MDD and the citizens of Malton. He will always be welcome among the ranks of the MDD. - 13/5/2012
  • The MDD bids farewell to Wolf76, who has retired as DSS Commander. The MDD thanks him for his service to Malton. Wolf will always have a place among the ranks of the MDD.- 26/3/2012
  • Congratulations go out to Wolf76, who has been promoted to the position of DSS Commanding Officer for his service to Malton. - 6/3/2012
  • The MDD welcomes back Zach016, a founding MDD member and the original DHHS Commanding Officer. Zach has resumed his duties as DHHS CO effective immediately. - 28/10/2011
  • Following a long period of inactivity, the MDD has reformed! We are currently looking to recruit new members and welcome back any old members who choose to rejoin. - 3/9/2011

Command Positions Available!: Any veteran players looking to take on a bigger responsibility in a group please submit a resume on the MDD forum.

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