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Malton Department of Defense
Malton Department of Defense

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The Malton Department of Defense Handbook


DO NOT Edit this page!! Editing this page without permission from the MDD is considered vandalism! Some parts of this manual adapted from the Creedy Defense Force's Field Manual.

The following manual has been specially written to provide MDD personnel and prospective recruits with a complete knowledge of the MDD's operating procedures and policies. If after reading the manual you have questions, feel free to ask on the forums.

Section 1 - Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the Malton Department of Defense, also known as the MDD. The Malton Department of Defense is a pro-survivor group operating in Malton. The MDD was originally a government organization dedicated to defending Malton from outside attack. Pre-outbreak, the MDD maintained a large support presence inside Malton that consisted of many MDD administrative buildings and bases. When the zombie outbreak occurred, the primary combat elements of the MDD were pulled by the External Military to prevent the zombies from escaping until the Border was sealed. During the initial stages of the outbreak, nearly all combat elements of the MDD were killed in action or remained outside the border. The reserve and support elements of the MDD were trapped inside Malton when the requested evac choppers failed to arrive. Rather then submit to the undead, the Secretary of Defense elected to continue the MDD's original charter of defending Malton. Today, we continue that mission.

Trivia: The City of Malton is not an sovereign entity, and thus the Malton Department of Defense would not have been based in Malton. This means that the Department of Defense would have originally been based in the larger country, of which Malton is a part. Given the purported location of Malton, it is most likely that the original and current external department is known as the Ministry of Defence of The United Kingdom. Although documents from the early quarantine period have been lost, it is speculated that the breakaway military units that formed the MDD chose the name of the American agency to distinguish themselves from the External Military force.

Goals and Objectives

As a Malton Department of Defense member, your job is to keep Malton as a whole free of hostiles at all times, and to keep all survivors healed up with a safe place to spend the night. This is a huge task, and of course can never be fully completed. The MDD operates mainly within the most heavily populated suburbs, however, we hope to one day protect all of Malton. This is where you, as a MDD member, will be doing most of your day to day jobs whether it is healing civilians, shooting zombies, or watching barricades. We want to make Malton as safe as possible so that the survivors may better help themselves. We will work with all pro-survivor groups and will assist them as needed. The main orders are always posted on the main wiki page and the forum. All members should always follow these orders unless more pressing matters occur. Now and then, an emergency may pop up. If this happens, all MDD members will be issued alternate orders depending on rank.

Signing Up

So you want to join the MDD and protect Malton? Well, we never turn away a defender! Visit the MDD Main Forums and follow the link for Applications. All it takes is a Name and ID# (Profile Link) and your current or preferred operating suburb. When you complete the registration process, please be sure to edit your UD profile Group to read Malton Department of Defense. Copy and paste to ensure accuracy. This tag in your UD profile goes towards our member count on the Stats Page.

Also, don't forget to Register an account up at our Forum! This is so you can access restricted areas and stay up to date on the latest orders.

Section 2 - Roles

While collectively referred to as the MDD, there are several different roles members can take. These include:

  • The Combat Patrol, who removes zombies.
  • The Combat Medic, who provides first aid and revivification services.
  • The Combat Engineer, who repairs buildings, restores barricades, and maintains generators
  • The Scout, the intelligence gatherer, who conducts reconnaissance.

Combat Patrol

The Combat Patrol is a general, anti-zombie member. Combat Patrol personnel handle a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to: zombie destruction, repairing ruined buildings, installing and refueling generators, making regular status reports, maintaining barricade levels, and assisting allied groups. While Combat Patrol will provide FAKs and revives as needed, this task is mainly relegated to the Combat Medic. The Combat Patrol emphasizes direct fire-fights with the undead, and as such, the typical Combat Patrol loadout focuses on firearms.

Combat Medic

The Combat Medic is the most important member of any MDD unit, as they keep other personnel alive and in the fight. Combat Medics are dedicated to healing and reviving civilians and MDD personnel. While they do occasionally gun down attacking zeds, Combat Medics usually remain in secured areas and establish mobile medical centers for the other personnel and local survivors. Combat Medics typically care few, if any firearms, and instead maximize on their supply of FAKs and syringes.

Combat Engineer

The Combat Engineer is a unique role in that members do not focus on zombies at all. Instead, Combat Engineers carry a loadout comprised entirely of building maintenance equipment. Engineers will not participate in firefights, but will instead move in after all the zombies are down and restore the buildings to full operation.


The Scout is a fast moving, non-combat oriented member who generates status reports and locates routes ahead of other MDD forces. When not otherwise occupied, the Scout will usually assume a secondary role of Patrol, Engineer, or Medic. The scout does not actually require a loadout, but usually carries a changing, mixed-manifest depending on the presumed condition of the recon location.


As a MDD member, certain things are expected of you. We hope to see the MDD become one of the biggest groups ingame, and in turn, one of the ones looked to most to set an example for other people/groups. We expect you to have good sportsmanship towards allies as well as enemies (even if they don't give it to you). We expect you to follow the rules set by your peers. They don't make them because they like talking. They want everyone to be on the same page, and they want the MDD to be looked up to as a quality group, with quality members. We also expect you to devote one character to the MDD cause at all times. This is your group as much as it is anyone else's, and your help is never trivial.

Section 3 - Ranks

The MDD utilizes a standard military ranking system. The ranks are as follows: (In Ascending Order)

  • Private (PVT) - Level 1
  • Private First Class (PFC) - Level 2
  • Corporal (CPL) - Level 3
  • Sergeant (SGT) - Level 4
  • Staff Sergeant (SSG) - Level 5
  • Sergeant First Class (SFC) - Level 6
  • Master Sergeant (MSG) - Level 7
  • First Sergeant (FSG) - Level 8
  • Sergeant Major (SGM) - Level 9
  • Command Sergeant Major (CSM) - Level 10
  • Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) - Level 11
  • 2nd Lieutenant (2LT) - Level 12
  • 1st Lieutenant (1LT) - Level 13
  • Captain (CPT) - Level 14
  • Major (MAJ) - Level 15
  • Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) - Level 16
  • Colonel (COL) - Level 17
  • Brigader General (BDG) - Level 18
  • Lieutenant General (LTG) - Level 19
  • Major General (MJG) - Level 20
  • General (GEN) - Level 21
  • General of the Army (GOA) - Level 22
  • Field Marshal (FM) - Level 23
  • Deceased (DED) - Level 24






What, did you think there'd be more ranks?






  • BADASS (BDA) - Level 25+



  • TOTAL BADASS (TBA) - Level 43



  • DAAMMMMMMNNNN! - Over 5000 Excess XP

Note: Do not be surprised to see a high level player shoot up the ranks faster then a low level player, the requirements are more of an insurance policy that you have the skills we need you to have.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: You cannot receive anything until you sign into active duty. Just because you meet the requirements for any promotion does not mean you will be promoted and it is possible to be promoted before hand although rarely. The requirements are a way to keep in check that you have the skills required to preform your duty.

Section 4 - Equipment

MDD Equipment Checklist:

The Basics:
*Required to be carried AT ALL TIMES by all personnel*

1 x Radio (tuned to local frequency or 26.32)
1 x Mobile Phone
4 x First Aid Kits
2 x NT Syringes
1 x DNA Extractor
1 x Flak Jacket
1 x Binoculars

Essential Building Restoration Kit:

1 x Spray Can
1 x Generator
1 x Radio Transmitter
1 x Fuel Can
1 x Toolbox

Specialized Gear:
*To be carried in addition to The Basics*

Combat Medic (Science or Medical trained):
14+ x First Aid Kits
6+ x Syringes
1 x Personal weapon (Close combat weapon preferred)

Combat Engineer:
1 x Toolbox
2 x Fuel Can
1 x Generator
1 x Crowbar
3 x Spray Can
1 x Personal weapon (Close combat weapon preferred)

Combat Patrol (Ammunition and Weapon Numbers can be altered):
1 x Close Combat Weapon
1 x Fuel Can
2+ x Loaded Pistols
4+ x Pistol Clips
4+ x Loaded Shotguns
8+ x Shotgun Shells

*Additional space in a member's inventory may be utilized at their discretion. However, here are some recommended Full loadouts. Note that in some cases, this requires overencumbrance.*

Section 5 - Organizational Structure

To facilitate ease of management, and ensure that more and larger goals can be accomplished with the smallest possible number of personnel, all MDD personnel are organized as such:

High Command

- The General Officer (GO) oversees general operations of the MDD.

- The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) oversees all medical operations of the MDD.

- The Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) oversees all intelligence operations of the MDD.

- The Executive Officer (XO) oversees the operation of all MDD operations.

- The Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) maintains supreme authority over all beer.

Everyone Else

- Follows the orders of the above.

Section 6 - MDD Training Programs

New to Malton? Check out the MDD Tip Pamphlet. This is an invaluable resource for survivors new to Malton as well as new MDD members. Complied by a group of veteran MDD members, you're sure to find something helpful inside.

Section 7 - Medals & Awards

The MDD bestows medals on members who have shown great courage, dedication, and sacrifice in the line of duty.

Medal Of Honor - It is bestowed on a member of the Malton Department of Defense who distinguishes themselves while engaged in an action against an enemy of Malton

Defense Distinguished Service Medal - Presented for distinguished performance of duty contributing to the defense of Malton.

Defense Superior Service Medal - Awarded to members of the MDD who perform meritorious service in a position of significant responsibility.

Defense Meritorious Service Medal - Awarded to members of the MDD who, while serving in a joint activity, distinguish themselves.

Joint Meritorious Unit Award - Awarded for participation in a joint operation with an ally.

Legion of Merit - Is awarded for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.

Bronze Star Medal - Is Given to Agents of the MDD for bravery, acts of merit, or meritorious service.

Purple Heart - Awarded for being killed in the line of duty.

Meritorious Service Medal - A military award presented to members of the Malton Department of Defense who distinguished themselves by outstanding non-combat meritorious achievement or service to Malton.

General Service:

National Defense - Awarded to any member of the MDD who served honorably during a designated time period of which emergency conditions have been declared.

Expeditionary Medal Humanitarian - This medal is awarded to any member of the MDD who distinguish themselves by meritorious service in operations of a humanitarian nature.

Service Medal Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal - The Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal recognizes those members of the MDD who perform substantial volunteer service to the local community above and beyond the duties required as a member of the Malton Department of Defense.

Armed Forces Service Medal - The term "significant activity" is determined by theater commanders and is normally deemed to be participation in a MDD operation considered to hold a high degree of scope, impact, and international significance that the operation warrants the presentation of a permanent service medal.

Reserve and Special Service:

Prisoner of War Medal - Awarded for being killed and remaining a zombie for a prolonged amount of time behind enemy lines.

For a full list of Medals and Awards, consult the forums.

Section 8 - MDD HQ

The MDD operates a TACHQ, or Tactical Headquarters wherever our forces are. The exact type and location of the building is randomly chosen based on the best intelligence available from an area before an operation begins. If, during an operation, the position of the TACHQ becomes untenable, it may be moved by a local field commander.

Depending on operations and general Malton conditions, SACHQs may be set up. SACHQ, or Strategic Auxiliary Headquarters, serves as an oversight post outside of a general operation area, and may be utilized as a fallback point if the TACHQ is overrun.

Emergency Conditions

No matter how safe the suburb, when enough zombies roll in, feral or grouped, it may be time for the barricades to be brought over Very Strongly. The MDD utilizes the DEFCON threat level indicator. The only people who may initiate Emergency Condition Status are the Secretary of Defense and other Command Officers. When Emergency Conditions are called, barricade the TACHQ to Extremely Heavily and you can choose to either stay inside, or move to adjacent buildings/TRPs to do attack/heal/revive runs. If Emergency Conditions are called, ALL MDD personnel are expected to come to the suburb to defend it. Not doing so may result in punishment unless a better reason is supplied (ex: Tied up in another issue of more importance).

AP Conservation during an emergency is important. When the area is under attack, try and use your AP in shifts if you're going to be at your computer for any length of time. That way, your character can be active in more than one break in. If a zombie is in the area, but inactive, don't waste all your AP killing it. Someone else will be more than willing. Barricades are the only thing survivors have to really shut the Zombie Forces down. Remember: We take more AP to revive and get back into the action then you killing one extra zombie. Open doors can potentially kill dozens of people.

If the area is overrun, or it is so close that there is nothing anyone can do to save it, a retreat will be called by SECDEF, a unit leader, or an officer. (Though, of course if everyone is dead, no one would really care if you ran.) The MDD Fallback Point is the closest SACHQ or Regional Office. If no other building is available, the closest mall may be commandeered. Go there, restock and prepare for the zombies to follow. They don't always, but the more persistent ones do. Once in safety, MDD rule still applies BUT it is not our area. We DO NOT give orders to anyone but our own men. Other groups may control the area, and everything that goes on from barricades to fall back points. MDD officers will most likely brief you anyway on what the current locations rules are.

Section 9 - Spying

Spying is illegal.

We DO NOT spy on zombie/enemy groups. Period. People caught doing so will be judged and punished accordingly. We will lift this rule, however, for any group that breaks any code of conduct we deem disrespectful, hostile, or poor sportsmanship in-game. This includes, but is not limited to, PKer groups, Zerging groups, groups proven to be spying on us, and Griefer groups. Any claims that the MDD has been caught spying should be brought up to MDD High Command with the appropriate evidence. We take such accusations very seriously because we are an RP group. We try and do our best to keep our intel gained by ingame means, or means that our characters presumably could accomplish ingame. Punishment can be anywhere from a slap on the wrist and a week with rank stripped, to a complete permaban from our group.

Section 10 - Rules of Engagement

*This section is under full review. An updated list of official policies will be posted shortly.*

Just because you have a shotgun does not mean everything needs a hole in it. Zombies are always ok to kill, unless they are at a revive point. Revive Points ARE NOT meant to kill at. This includes all areas marked on the wiki as revive point, all cemeteries and all other revive sites which are being hosted by other groups. Note: Big revive sites don't get changed, so if a spray says otherwise, it's probably some griefer messing with the system. Always check to see if a point is a revive or not. 30 zombies sitting in some nondescript street, probably (but not always!!) means its a revive point.

Player Killing

PKing is not approved.

Player Killers in any form except Bounty Hunters (from our own group, or others) are handled by the National Security Agency. The penalty for PKing innocents is death. The PKer may put in an appeal if he has proof of being wronged first. The MDD strongly believes in the "eye for an eye" method. If any player gets PKed, he may submit his proof to the National Security Agency for vengeance, and is allowed to hunt the PKer down himself. However, we strongly discourage players from hunting down PKers, as that is what the NSA is paid to do, and they have more efficient methods. We don't wipe our list of PKers by a point system. We hunt them until they leave the area, call for a truce through the discussions or stop playing. Or turn themselves into a Regional Malton Department of Defense HQ and promise to never PKer again. It should be known that, while we do recognize the UD Forums PK list, we maintain our own PKer Database.

Generator Killing

GKing is illegitimate.

It is not tolerated under any circumstance. A special page already exists for the purpose of reporting offenders. These offenders are then dealt with using the same procedure as PKers. Some people will destroy Generators in nondescripts because of the "Lights On" message it gives, attracting more zombies. These generator kills may be ignored if it is a first time offender.

Zombie Killing

ZKing is legitimate.

The MDD neither agrees or disagrees, and allows the judgment for the individual player to decide. However, ZKing at a revive point is considered illegal by the MDD, and will be dealt with accordingly. The exception, is if the player has a known PKer or Brain Rotter on his contacts, and decides to purge them from the revive point.

Sample Argument: One reason why we do not care if our members ZK is because of the fact that a zombie will die anyway. A zombie death is much better than a headshot. Zombies won't argue that.

Revive Point Killing

The MDD supports the Sacred Ground Policy which maintains that all cemeteries are to be considered revive points. A recent argument sparked some controversy as to whether or not this was a legit strategy, or a form of Griefing. The general consensus of the MDD see this as a form of Griefing and it will be dealt with accordingly. Killing zombies at cemeteries and marked revive points is acceptable in order to clear rotters from the queue and in order to eliminate well-known, organized zombie group members, or PKers. Anything else will not be tolerated.


Penalties for all of the above (Except regular ZKing):

First Offense: Verbal Warning PM and a mention of the offense in the offenders Account Notes. Second offense: A 1 week Stripping of Rank and or a Temp Ban. Again, a mention in Account Notes. Third offense: Banned from MDD, Banned from MDD Forum and added to the NSA Criminal Database. The offender can ask for an appeal if he believes he was unjustly banned.

Account Notes may be wiped, and Warning Bars refilled at the discretion of Staff.

Section 11 - Revive Points/Sacred Ground

The MDD supports the Sacred Ground Policy which turns all cemeteries into Revive Points. Killing at a Cemetery is like killing at a Revive Point. So don't do it.

Mobile Revive Points may be established by MDD personnel in suburbs with large numbers of downed survivors and a significant security threat. These points will not use preexisting revive points, but rather a rotating selection of randomly chosen areas. Look for appropriate signage wherever MDD personnel are active.

Section 12 - Alt Character Regulation

Zerging is illegal. Multi-Abuse is illegal.

Zerging - Creating Massive Amounts of characters to complete a common goal (ex: attacking a mall, hunting a group, standing zombies up to "soak up bullets" for a main character or group of zombies, etc.), usually in the same suburb or building.

Multi abuse - Having two or more characters cooperate to complete a single goal, usually in the same suburb or building. (Ex: Reviving your main character with an alt, barricading a building with one character and healing the people in that building with another, killing zombies in one location with two different characters, etc.)

The MDD frowns upon the use of multiple characters in cooperation with each other. Current regulations only allow for one character to be registered with the MDD. Also, that character may never be in the same building and or suburb with any other character(s) you control. This radius will leave you plenty of room to enjoy the MDD with one character, and follow the rules.

Note: Although only one character you control may be a member of the MDD, it is acceptable for your Alt characters to interact with other MDD members, as long as it is not in a group related manner. The only exception to this is in the case of the MDD Training Program, where members may lend the services of one zombie Alt to help train low level recruits.

Section 13 - The MDD Badge Explained

The MDD Badge ("Malton Department of Defense" in a player's profile) holds a lot of weight ingame. We aim to be one of the most respected and highly held groups ingame due to the way we run our group, and the way we play. Wearing this badge does not give you the power to push people around. That is not what the goal of the MDD is all about. We will make our name in Malton because of how well we use the power we have. When wearing the tags, make sure you are doing your best to be a good sport, respectful and helpful ingame. Griefing STARTED by our group will not be tolerated. We might grief a griefer group, but we sure as hell will not start it. If you wear our badge, hold your head high. You are part of the strongest and most tight knit group of survivors ingame.

Section 14 - MDD Communications

In order to keep personnel up to date on operations and such, the MDD utilizes several forms of communication, both ingame and out.

Radio MDD: The Heat - The MDD utilizes the Radio Frequency 26.32 for ingame broadcasts. To broadcast you will need Radio Operation and access to a powered Radio Transmitter. Anyone can listen in, however. Just pick up a portable radio at your nearest Tech Store. Remember, as the ingame radio channel is not encrypted, restricted tactical data should not be broadcast on-air, but instead posted on our secure forum. Also, if any non-MDD personnel are using or spamming the frequency, tell them to please find another channel.

Operations Center - The Operations Center, located on the MDD forum, is the main communications center for the entire MDD. You should frequently report in here.

MDD IRC - Known only to MDD members, the MDD IRC provides real-time battlefield logistics.

MDD Forum - The MDD Forum is the place to go for more info on the MDD, as well as news and current happenings. All MDD personnel are REQUIRED to have a forum account and post regularly.

Dumbwitness - The officially approved method for capturing screenshots of Malton activity.

More information on official communications protocols can be found in the MDD SOP.

Section 15 - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions are listed below. Have another question? An MDD officer can help you here on our forum.

Q: I want to operate as a freelance/lone operative. Can I join?
A: Are you kidding? Of course you can join! We operate all over Malton, so eventually we'll run into you and give you a beer..

Q: There isn't an active MDD command post in my area. Where should I report?
A: The latest orders are always posted on the forums. If you are the only active unit in your area, you may be able to give us an update intelligence report.

Q: Where is TACHQ?
A: TACHQ, the Tactical HQ, changes frequently depending on the current operation and suburb. There can also be more than one TACHQ in service at any moment. The location of the TACHQ is classified. Check the forum for further details.

Q: Are there any special requirements for recruits?
A: No previous Malton experience is required for any recruit. However, Malton veterans may be eligible to join at a higher rank than a rookie. Please mention any previous training or combat experience you have had when joining.

Q: I've been Pked! How do I take screenshots?
A: Dumbwitness - The officially approved method for capturing screenshots of Malton activity. Dumbwit records are directly compatible with the Rogues Gallery Database.

Q: BARHAH! HAMBARGARS! Mah zambah ganna barg harman bra!nz hambargars!
A: *sounds of shotguns being pumped*

Section 16 - Glossary

This section is a resource to help new MDD members to understand the babble of senior members.

MDD - Malton Department of Defense - A mobile, pro-survivor group dedicated to serving the citizens of Malton.

CM - Combat Medic - Provides medical care, including first aid treatment and revivification to the wounded.

CP - Combat Patrol - Eliminates zombies in specified areas and/or a hostile territory, reclaims ruined buildings, and maintains security.

CE - Combat Engineer - Repairs ruined buildings, maintains barricades, installs and fuels generators.

SC - Scout - Gathers intelligence in the field.

RP - Revive Point - A location where zombies await a revive (usually a cemetery or a church). MDD members should NOT kill a zombie at a Revive Point, unless it possesses brain rot (use a DNA Extractor to check).

EP - Entry Point - A building which has been barricaded to a low enough level so that humans may enter, but also allows characters with the skill 'free running' to move into heavily barricaded buildings. The recommended barricade limit is VSB+2.

TACHQ - Tactical Headquarters - A local field command post for MDD personnel, which changes frequently depending on the current operations.

SACHQ - Strategic Auxiliary Headquarters - An Command Oversight Base that services a larger operating area.

TRP - Tactical Resource Point - A building which supplies essential equipment, like hospitals, police departments, NecroTech buildings, and malls.

PKer - Player Killer - A person who 'Player Kills' for no 'justifiable' reason.

GKer - Generator Killer - A human who destroys a Generator, thus making items harder to find.

RKer - Radio Killer - The same as above, but with radios instead.

Griefer - A player who causes grief to law abiding citizens of Malton by over-barricading a building, blocking a revive point queue, or by causing confusion among new players.

BOLO - Be On The Look Out - This is used to indicate a person who the MDD either wish to question or have a headshot for. Anyone who sees the specified person must report his/her last seen location.

KOS - Kill on Sight - This is harsher than the above, and it is strongly advised to kill the player, as he/she is considered very dangerous.

DNR - Do Not Revive - People who should not be revived, as they have committed serious crimes and should not have the gift of life.

Section 17 - Final Notes

Remember, Malton must be protected. As a MDD member that will always be your first priority. Your second priority is always beer. Good Luck, and Welcome to the Department of Defense.

Last updated on 22 August 2012.

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