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Malton Department of Defense
Malton Department of Defense

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Frequency: 26.32


Under the Freedom of Information Act, all MDD past operations will be posted when they are no longer considered classified.


OPERATION: CASCADE - [Started April 25, 2013]-[Active]
With activity in Malton at an all-time low, the MDD commences a long-term Malton-wide tour.
Campaign Map Here


OPERATION: PHOENIX RISING - [Started January 1, 2013]-[Complete]
For the first operation of the new year, the MDD paid a visit to Stanbury Village to assist the locals and train a new recruit.

OPERATION: DIVIDE AND CONQUER - [Started December 17, 2012]-[Complete]
With the numbers in the MDD dwindling and the holiday season settling in, the members of the MDD are heading back to their home suburbs for some rest and relaxation. While at their home suburbs, they are to find fresh recruits to aid in the fight against the Zed... And to help us drink our vintage beer from Creedy.

OPERATION: BRANCH OUT - [Started November 25, 2012]-[Complete]
The MDD assisted the DEM in Rolt Heights and paid a visit to the Burchell Arms.

OPERATION: HOMETOWN GLORY - [Started October 25, 2012]-[Complete]
In a triumphant return to their former homebase, MDD forces entered Santlerville and encountered the usual mess of undead and PKers.

OPERATION: CAMP CAIGER - [Started October 17, 2012]-[Complete]
MDD forces attempted to camp at infamous Caiger Mall and restore order to "Devil's Heights".

OPERATION: BASTILLE - [Started August 20, 2012]-[Complete]
With recent survivor victories in the Fort Creedy region, and given the complete lack of activity in the Dulston area, the MDD is heading out to give the old boys in CDF a hand. We also heard there was a large stock of vintage beer unearthed in a excavation below Creedy storehouse.

OPERATION: OVERWATCH - [Started June 9, 2012]-[Suspended]
The MDD is going back to basics with some good old-fashioned anti-zombie action.

OPERATION: ETERNAL NIGHT - [Started April 8, 2012]-[Complete]
In order to deal with an active PKer threat from Dawn Patrol, a special operation has been started. Current operational status is classified.

OPERATION: DEMOBIFICATION - [Started February 23, 2012]-[Complete]
Following the mobilization of MOB forces in Santlerville, the MDD was placed on alert. This operation to repel MOB forces and maintain control of Santlerville's key resources is ongoing.

OPERATION: MDD RESURRECTION - [Started September 3, 2011]-[Complete]
This operation saw the successful restart of the group after a period of inactivity. The group structure, policies, and procedures were completely revised. Following an positive increase and membership, this operation was completed.

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