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Malton Emergency Medical Service
Abbreviation: MEMS
Group Numbers: 43 and growing
Leadership: Chain of Command
Goals: MEDIC!!!
Recruitment Policy: Join!
Contact: DEM Forum

The Malton Emergency Medical Service is a division of the Malton Fire Department which trains and organizes EMTs to respond to emergencies under the direction of Department of Emergency Management. The staff of the MEMS provides a critical service, staving off death and getting people back to the front lines, allowing the MFD and others to focus on their core work, such as clearing buildings and barricading.


Members of the Malton Emergency Medical Services corps follow the same basic guidelines and policies as the Malton Fire Department, although with a focus on providing emergency medical care. This includes activities that safeguard survivors in order to prevent injury, and protecting survivor access to FAKs so that they can care for each other.

The primary mission of the MEMS is to guard the welfare of Malton’s inhabitants by healing them, protecting them from potential harm, and aiding the MFD in their duties. We are healers, helping the wounded and reviving the dead. Like combat medics always have, we go where the fighting is the worst and the need is the greatest.

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