Malton Euro 2008 Commission

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Malton Euro 2008 Commission
Abbreviation: ME008C
Group Numbers: 11
Leadership: --.
Goals: Keep Football Alive
Recruitment Policy: ~
Contact: ~

Campaign Blog

June 13, 2007 Members of the Malton Euro 2008 Commission are now undertaking a tour of Malton's other major stadiums.

June 7, 2007 Supporters rampaged through the stadium last night, with ten confirmed deaths and a host of rioting. The Commission declared the event a total success, with special commendations going to What's Happened (4Kills), Zumm Zero (3Kills) and newcomer PKworld (3Kills including a member of the stadium's medical staff, who was mistaken for an away supporter while eating a hot dog). Good supporting play from Shiv Jones and a spectacular save off the line by defensive specialist Gondo Gondo rounded off the night's activities. The DEM labeled Clapton's fans the "worst in the world", a claim the delegates strongly refute.

June 6, 2007 22.45 GMT The Malton Euro 2008 Commission is currently in The Younghusband Arms celebrating a 3-0 victory. Euro qualification is a step closer.

June 6, 2007 17.38 GMT Opening ceremony underway, flares are up and reports are coming in of major crowd trouble. The Commission has killed eight suspected Estonian supporters in the stadium, before co-Chairman Zumm Zero got hit by a scooter thrown off the arena's top tier. PKworld beheaded a fellow Commission member in the ensuing pandemonium, which will most certainly make the late night highlight reel.

June 6, 2007 Members of the Malton Euro 2008 Commission have arrived at Clapton Stadium to inspect the new venue. Early reports suggest that key delegates Zumm Zero and What's Happened are pleased with progress at the new stadium and are looking forward to kick-off.


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