Malton Expeditionary Force

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Malton Expeditionary Force
Abbreviation: MEF
Group Numbers: CLASSIFIED
Leadership: CLASSIFIED
Recruitment Policy: CLASSIFIED
Contact: Broadcast all inquiries to 27.62MHz

Malton Expeditionary Force

Death. Horror. Fear. Murder. These are the things that the loyal men and women of the MEF have taken a solemn pledge to defend

and ultimately, eradicate, through force of arms and skill.

The Oath

I, as a sworn member of the Malton Expeditionary Force, pledge solemnly to defend this city, and inhabitants.

-I shall not harm an innocent

-I shall never commit foul play

-I shall always do my duty, be it day or night, sun or storm, through any condition, for all those who call this once-great place home

-I will give my life for a comrade

-I will never leave until my mission is complete

-I will obey my orders, be it from a fellow soldier, an officer, or one of The Two

-Never will I fear death

-I will never use all-out tactics, and never fight with anything but what I am ordered

The Southern Division

The Southern Division, home to one of The Two, was where the Malton Expeditionary Force was founded. After a promising start, they have acquired the The Streets Hotelas their headquarters. Currently Malton Expeditionary Force is keeping the building safe, and monitoring zombie activity in the surrounding blocks.

The Northern Division

The Northern Division, founded shortly after an influx of recruits, is currently located in Chancelwood. This is also home to the Second Of The Two. The current Headquarters of the Northern Division is Rodges Stadium, in Chancelwood. The Northern Division is now fully operational.


The main form of communication for the Malton Expeditionary Force is cell-phones and radios, we do not meta game. To send inquiries about any subject about us, tune a transmitter to 27.62MHz. The group apologizes for any inconveniences this may cause, but as a security measure and to prevent spam, we have selected a restricted channel.

The main communication channel for the Malton Expeditionary Force is 27.63MHz. Any spam or unauthorized chatter on this channel will be silenced immediately.

The Two

The founders of the Malton Expeditionary Force. No further information is available, for The Two are the highest of rank in this group.

The Riddle One for the North, one for the South, all for the city.


Without the express permission of The Two, no members will be admitted, nor will the numbers or members of our group be disclosed.

These are the rankings you as a member may achieve.

Border Patroller

These are the members of the group that patrol our territory, and defend at any cost given zombies or pkers attack.

Midnight Elite


High Guard