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NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with any PKer group or symphasize with any PKer activity.
Members of this group are bonafide players with unconventional methods.
Please check our Guild Policies for more information.
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Malton Fighters Guild
Malton Fighters Guild
Abbreviation MFG
Trench coat racks Growing.
Guild Master Schiz0
Guild Champion A Pain In The Ass
Guardian thegamer1
Goals To serve Justice
Wanna join the Retribution? Open to all eager to shoot some griefers, it doesn't matter if you're a grizzled veteran of Malton or a sack of fresh long as you want a challenge & like to have a fun time, we're the team for you. Register now, the amount of PKers are running low.

Malton Fighters Guild

Guns for Hire!

Currently Recruiting!

An Introduction

Welcome to the Fighter's Guild of Malton. We are your premiere combative contracted service. Whether you need to remove a Horde of Undead from this realm, need to eliminate a human pursuer, OR just need a Building recaptured, we do it all.
Our main focus is to decrease the threat of PKers. We do this by the promotion and upkeep of the MaltonPKlist.
Please visit us our Discord to request whatever assistance you may need. - Guildmaster Schiz0



Created Rumours

The night is hot as hell. It's a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town. Over the last decade Malton has become an obscure ghost town, no ethics, no logic.

Pkers are not registered anymore. Anyone can get away with murder. Too much frustration can send a man over the edge. It is time for revenge!

This is blood for blood and by the gallons. This is the old days, and the bad days, the all or nothing days. They're back.

One has got to love PKers. No matter what you do to them, you don't feel bad. It'll be loud and nasty. My kind of kill. Just try not to bleed all over my trenchcoat.

And when their eyes go dead, the Hell we send them to, will seem like Heaven after what we've done to them.


MFG TRENCHCOAT.PNG Proud to be a Trenchcoater
MFG is proud to have a Trenchcoater's mindset.
Happyhour.jpg Happy Hour
Malton Fighters Guild supports 24 happy hours in Malton.
Trench coat.jpg Trenchcoater
This group finds no irony in 20 shotguns and katanas.
Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.

  • "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."

~General George S. Patton, JR.~

  • "Schizos are never alone"


  • "If you want blood, you got it!

~Bon Scott~

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