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We here at Malton FNB feel that most of our citizens are focused on the wrong things. Kill this, barricade that, drag so-and-so out into the street to eat him. We envision a Malton free of fighting and aggression; a place where everyone gets along, zombies and humans alike. We see a world where former PKers are holding hands with the DEM; where the Crabapples and the M(A)F share a hot cup of tea in one of the many buildings of the Crabapple Commune; where Extinction politely let themselves into Calvert Mall, pick out some t-shirts, and shamble off to sleep in a cemetery.

We see a world where Mrh? means, "How do you do, sir?" and it is said as zombies pass humans in the street. Humans can reply in simple zombese; they don't need death rattle to be cordial. Revives can be found in the open and non-profit NecroTech buildings, thus sounding the death knell of the brain rot bigotry.

The Malton Food Not Bombs meets outside our HQ on Saturday mornings at 10, where we hug each other and serve soylent green to any and all who want it.

Handinhanddp1.png Friendship
Can't we all just get along?
CircleA.jpg Anarchy
This user supports anarchy, as defined as "a way in which people deal with one another in a peaceful, cooperative manner; respectful of the inviolability of each other’s lives and property interests; resorting to contract and voluntary transactions rather than coercion and expropriation as a way of functioning in society." Link

(, what I really want to do is take that Food Not Bombs logo at the bottom there and change it into a severed limb or something instead of a carrot.)

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