Malton Gallant Society

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Malton Gallant Society
Abbreviation: M.G.S.
Group Numbers: 10-15
Leadership: Milton Normandy
Goals: To maintain our respectable appearance and habits throughout this inconveniencing event.
Recruitment Policy: Please see our discussion page.
Contact: Ibidem

I say, old chap, there sure are a gratuitous number of people either grizzled in appearance, blood-stained, or wearing a trench coat. What say we dress as gentlemen and scholars?

The Right Hon. Milton Normandy is wearing: a monocle, a black top hat, a dark green bow-tie, a white long-sleeved shirt, a dark green waistcoat, a black tailcoat, a pair of black trousers and a pair of black shoes

Welcome to the page of the Malton Gallant Society. We are currently busy reading Chaucer, but are open to recruitment. If you're interested in joining, please post as such on the discussion page.

We believe in:

  • FAKking all survivors, regardless of race, creed, PKing, bountying, reputation, and so on.
  • Maintaining a degree of scholarly pursuit in all matters.
  • Dressing as gentlemen and scholars. Proper attire may be found at our mansions throughout Malton.
  • Abstaining from inter-survivor politics and conflicts. The only enemy is the unkempt zombie. The rest are unruly serfs. WE DO NOT PK.

As such, when not found relaxing in a mansion or mall, we may spend time as combat medics, administering FAKs to survivors caught outside during inconvenient events, such as snowstorms, riots, zombie apocalypses, or book-burnings.

Please note that some dullards, having seen fit to pretend to be members of our prestigious organization, are PKing in our noble name. Please be aware that they are not our members.

Should you find us in-game, please feel free to tip your hat, and make any reasonable request.


Listed in order of rank

Member Organizations

The Malton Gallant Society has several agencies in its purview. Only those acting in a discrete manner are listed here; those acting in a discreet manner are not.

East Becktown Defense Force

These noble footsoldiers enjoy a more relaxed dress code, and are permitted to wear any reasonable type of clothing pursuant to the execution of their mission, insofar as said clothing is not bloodstained, torn, or a trenchcoat. They are challenged with defending East Becktown from the shambling, flesh-eating bumpkins who occasionally wander over from nearby areas.

Potential members may request membership via the talk page here, or over at the East Becktown Defense Force page.

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