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Malton Hospitals
Group logo
Abbreviation: MH
Group Numbers: Currently unknown
Leadership: Disorganized
Goals: To provide healthcare to the citizens of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Doctors are instructed to provide aid at the local level until city-wide services can be resumed
Contact: Unknown

Malton Hospitals, or more formally the City of Malton Hospital and Healthcare Board, was the government organization responsible for running the hospitals of Malton and providing most other types of both short- and long-term healthcare to the inhabitants of the city.

During the initial outbreak, the hospitals of Malton were quickly overwhelmed by the massive number of casualties and by attacks by both roaming zombies and citizens desperate for medical assistance. Unlike other government services like the Malton Police Department and the Malton Fire Department, Malton Hospitals has yet to resume its activities on any substantial scale.

In case of emergencies

Under the current crisis, Malton Hospitals is regrettably unable to provide ambulance and paramedic assistance. If you are in need of medical assistance, we ask that you attend one of our hospitals throughout the city. To find your nearest hospital, please see Category:Hospitals.

Please note that due to the crisis, we cannot guarantee that any individual hospital will be operational or staffed at any given time. However, we do our utmost to ensure that as many citizens as possible have access to qualified medical aid.

Remember that the Malton Police Department, the Malton Fire Department or the Malton Red Cross will also be able to provide assistance in emergencies.

By appointment

While there are no consitently operational phone lines in Malton, and radios are scetchy at best- to make an appointment with a staff physician at a local hospital, visit the LMP site to see if anyone is available in your area. Also visit the Malton Hospitals Group page for more information. Staff availability is also commonly listed on the specific hospital web page.


Due to the crisis, the administration of MH is currently under reorganization to adjust to the new circumstances. We assure the citizens of Malton that this is a temporary phase, and that full city-wide activities and coordination will resume soon.

Special information for medical staff

Initial research shows that the condition causing the current crisis is a disease of unknown pathology. It is apparently highly infectious, suppressing all higher brain functions while somewhat enhancing rudimentary ones, such as motor control, metabolism, and resistance to pain.

Clinical Manifestations: Symptoms appear within hours of infection, including but not limited to headaches, muscle sores, green or gray skin blotches, fever, and general illness. The condition gradually worsens until clinical death occurs. Prognosis is poor, with mortality rate after 24 hours approaching 100%. In most cases, adequate rest can prolong this period, but not reverse the condition. It appears that the infection persists after clinical death, providing limited awareness and mobility. The reason for this is unknown. Those infected display increasingly violent tendencies, and our medical personnel is instructed to exercise all possible caution when interacting with patients.

Complications: In some cases, the infection develops into a condition which has been termed "Brain Rot", greatly increasing resistance to all known treatment methods.

Treatment: During the initial infection phase, common anti-serum is sufficient treatment, with improvement apparent shortly after treatment. Patients should be placed in a quiet room and observed closely for complications, but most cases can be discharged within hours. Uniquely, treatment after clinical death is possible though the use of NecroTech Revivification Syringes (TM), although the supply of these is erratic due to the crisis. Clinical personnel is directed to attempt to contact NecroTech offices for further information.

Special considerations: It is estimated that up to 20% of the survivors in Malton are carriers for the genetic disorder known as Zombie Dementia, or ZD. Please be aware of the symptoms and indications of this disorder before treating patients.

Research into this condition is ongoing, and further results will be posted here when available.

Staff Openings in Malton

As the crisis in Malton continues, doctors are needed with increasing urgency. If you are a trained physician looking for a staff position at a specific hospital, simply add your name to the list of staff physicians on that hospital's page and make sure to update it with your availability. For more information and rescources, join the LMP and post on the MHG page.

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