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|- | rowspan="5" |Join Today! |- | The Malton Inspirational Channel is a pro-survivor group whose mission it is to fight the invading zombie horde by broadcasting continuous, morale-boosting inspirational messages to the citizens of Malton on our dedicated radio channel, 28.55FM. Though we're based out of St. Mark's Cathedral in Spicer Hills, our goal is to have transmitters set up in every suburb. |- | We don't believe in a rigid organizational structure, because we don't think it's needed to achieve our goal. Instead, we've set down a few ground rules and are now encouraging members to either set up their own transmitters or join in operating an existing transmitter. So if you're interested in spreading a positive message to your brothers and sisters in Malton while also getting to excercise some creativity, join the Malton Inspirational Channel today! |- |Last updated: 03:12, 16 July 2008 (BST)

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