Malton Liberation Force

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Malton Liberation Force
Abbreviation: The Force
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Classified
Goals: Classified
Recruitment Policy: See below

The Malton Liberation Force

The Force was created as a group for those survivors who want something more interesting than the linear and monotonous gameplay that occurs after a time. They do exactly as they please, destroying, helping, or simply lying low. Each member operates as a more or less individual cell, with not more than three other individuals knowing their identity. This means that the group numbers are known to none except the head of the group, yet all the members contribute to the major plan.

Often, we will take on work from other groups that they themselves cannot do, or need done in secrecy. It is completely confidential. If you wish to have us do a task for you, contact us on the email address given.

Another group as been created for those who prefer a slightly more "clean" group. They are the Freedom Fighters.

Current Goals

We are still maintain a strong prescence at Ackland Mall, aiding several other groups for "the greater good".

Future Goals

The Force is already planning another operation, codenamed Operation Minuet. Details of this plan will be released publicly very shortly.

Confirmed Threats

At this time, we can not give out the names of our enemies, as it would endanger operations.

Permanent Allies

Gain our trust and you will be counted as friends.

Our only ally is the Freedom Fighters, as they are simply an off-shoot of our group.

Bounties and Other Rewards

This is our bounty section. If you'd like to see someone's name put here, contact us, and give us a good reason why. If you collect on a bounty, and wish to be rewarded, we will put you under the Honors Section.

The Malton Liberation Force is currently looking for Geoff O'Meley. He is a level 6 civillian. He is not to be harmed, but directed to this wiki and asked to contact us. Reason: Classified.

The Malton Libertion Force and The Freedom Fighters have taken a bounty out on an individual who habits forums and spreads false rumors about us. His posting name is Warrant Officer Hutchson. His main characters have been dealt with, but if anyone has knowledge about his alternate chracters, we ask that you contact us. Also, feel free to execute him on sight.


Segeant Major Koppie of the Cannonball Crew.

Major Grippy and Ron Burgundy, of the Malton Rangers and the Channel Four News Team. They alerted us to a severe security breach.

Don Vito, of The Corleone Family.

Mercenary Work

Our work is completely confidential. Your group's name will not be known to anyone excepting our leaders and the Relations Officer. We operate very efficiently, and have yet to fail at a mission. Payment for our work is generally in the form of information, or aid in other operations. To give us an offer, simply contact us at the email address given.


The Malton Liberation Force is selective about their recruiting. The current need is for anyone who has Basic Firearm Training, Axe Training or Lab Experience. This is not to say exceptions wont be made, and we also accept zombies. Unfortunatly, Free Running is practically a must if you are human. To join, contact the recruitment officer at Please include a link to your profile, why you wish to join the group, your local time, and how many alternate characters you have. Thank you.