Malton Manhunt/Manhunt 2007

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The Manhunt motto: "The last man will be victorious"

The BBK Manhunt, where participating members of the BBK spread out and hide around Pashenton, Heytown and Santlerville and hunt each other down, one by one, until there is winner.


When the third survivor fell in the BBK Manhunt, the remaining two survivors organized a get together in which a public fight would occur and the winner would be announced.

The Title Fight

This occurred at 7 p.m, Tuesday the 2/10/07 in St Boniface's Hospital.

The fight was between the two remaining survivors.

  • Evieman
  • DanceDanceRevolution- Winner

DDR won by 2 hp. Each person was allowed 1 FAK.


The final ladder is as follows:

  1. DanceDanceRevolution
  2. Evieman
  3. Looter69
  4. Rugatron
  5. Dandy69
  6. MichaelRead
  7. Butch Jerkins
  8. GomerPyle41
  9. EvDaddio
  10. Philip the Pole Man
  11. J3D
  12. wilsonzmb198
  13. Scurley7
  14. smurfmj
  16. jokersmoker
  17. sir'Pom
  18. Nallan
  19. Shakey60
  20. Jabuti77

modification of your spot this ladder is possible. but proof is needed.

Kill Count

The most kills performed by the participant are as follows:

1. DanceDanceRevolution- 5

2. Evieman- 3

2. Dandy69- 3

3. Butch Jerkins- 2

3. J3D- 2

3. Scurley7- 2

4. GomerPyle41- 1

These are based on the officially announced kills.


  • Players are allowed to play an active part in the Manhunt after they have been killed, but only as a zombie, and only as the character they died as. However, they can not win. DanceDanceRevolution 13:04, 22 September 2007 (BST)
  • Players in the manhunt, dead of alive, CAN NOT discuss the locations of other players to another contender in Manhunt. This counts as scouting for another player, and while non aggression pacts aren't necessarily banned, revealing the location of players that you have found to other people is not allowed. Not only through mobiles in UD, but also through the Wiki and MSN. DanceDanceRevolution 07:38, 23 September 2007 (BST)

Death List (please try to keep in order of death)

  • Jabuti77
  • Shakey60
  • Nallan - AAAAAAGH!!! FUCK!
  • sir'Pom
  • jokersmoker
  • Scurley7
  • wilsonzmb918
  • J3D
  • Philip the Pole Man
  • Evdaddio2
  • smurfmj
  • Beatboxer
  • GomerPyle41
  • Butch Jerkins
  • sexylegs
  • michaelread
  • Dandy69. FINALLY
  • Rugatron
  • looter69
  • Evieman (and later DDR by Tim)