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=Malton Marshals=

Malton Marshals
Malton Marshal Badge
Abbreviation: MM
Group Numbers: undisclosed
Leadership: Council Liaison Myers MD
Goals: To Claim Justice For Those Slain Unjustly
Recruitment Policy: Join the Malton Marshals!
Contact: MM Forum

After the outbreak in the summer of 2005, the city of Malton descended into madness. Some individuals gathered into groups to protect each other and their territory. Others decided they couldn't bear with the constant fear and took their own lives, only to rise again as zombies. Yet amongst all this violence and death there was a third group of people, those who devoted themselves to the slaying of their fellow humans. Nobody is sure why these people have chosen the path they did, but the citizens of Malton have had enough and are now fighting back.


Originally a subgroup of the MPD, the Malton Marshals are now a core group of the Department of Emergency Management with the sole purpose of hunting down PKers and bringing them to justice. Operating under the policy umbrella of the DEM, they are held to a high standard and are expected to behave professionally at all times. The Marshals operate only from the Rogues Gallery, nowhere else. Additionally, the Marshals are mandated to go after the worst offenders in the city and ignore the first-time offenders. Only PKers with three or more kills on their head are of concern to this group.


We are accepting all classes for consideration as bounty hunters. The current restrictions are that you don't kill indiscriminately, that you are willing to work within the DEM Policies, and that you can be meticulous with your paperwork. Every claimed bounty needs to be recorded with a screenshot of the kill; the only exception to this rule is if you are a zombie and kill a live PKer. Additionally, we are only accepting players that are level 10 or higher. If you are interested in joining the Malton Marshals, register a Brainstock account and post here.

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