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The Last Stand of Roftwood - January 2008
Malton Medical Staff

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The Last Stand of Roftwood


Date: 10th January - 31st January, 2008
Place: St. Ethelbert's Hospital in the suburb of Roftwood
Result: Zombie Victory

Survivors x Zombies

- Survivors : Malton Medical Staff, Upper Left Corner, Disciples of the Rusted One, Shining Crest Mercenary Co., Zrmbrrh hra grh-grh! (Zombies a Go Go, yes, they were on our side), The Uncanny Valley Alliance, others
- Zombies : RRF, including its Strike teams and Gore Corps, and ferals

- Survivors : GreenWing, Morgueasm, Lord Tin Tin, Newton Pippin
- Zombies : Lord Moloch, Distinguished, Cthulhu in Lingerie, SomewhatDeceased, BongoBrain

- Survivors : 90
- Zombies : 120

- Survivors : many (usually just once)
- Zombies : many (repeatedly)

The Last Stand of Roftwood was a siege in the second half of January 2008 of the Malton Medical Staff and the remaining living residents of Roftwood at St. Ethelbert's Hospital by the Ridleybank Resistance Front (RRF) who were out on their excursion from their homeland of Ridleybank.

While the suburb of Roftwood was systematically trashed, ruined and razed to the ground by RRF undead, St. Ethelbert's Hospital was the little hospital that refused to fall, continually repelling any break-ins until it became the last building standing in Roftwood whereupon RRF forces of 100+ had to make a concerted, co-ordinated strike attack to bring the building down.

The inevitable result was a big feast for the zombies, but they had to trash a whole suburb and then use strike tactics to bring a little Hospital down to ruin.

Timeline of Events


It was already known that the RRF had decided to go on Excursion III out from their homeland because they were unhappy with the amount of life in Malton and decided to do something about it. First, the horde decided to sweep through the suburb north of Roftwood, Pimbank, where Tynte Mall followed by the rest of the suburb were eventually overcome. St. Ethelbert's Hospital, sitting on the northern border of Roftwood had some attention, but nothing it couldn't handle in the early days.

The Ravaging of Roftwood

It was when the RRF finished off Pimbank that they decided to sweep south and consume everything in their path. They decided to ravage Roftwood. Hildebrand Mall was overcome and so was the lesser populated western part of the suburb. The two NT buildings were the next target and they were also eventually overcome. However, in amongst all this razing and ruining, there was one little Hospital whose lights (from the mirror ball) shone out into the sky and steadfastly refused to fall - that was St. Ethelbert's Hospital, the home and HQ of the Malton Medical Staff.

As the resources and buildings in Roftwood were ruined one by one, the population inside St. Ethelbert's Hospital grew and grew till in the later days of the siege, it numbered 90+ (not including the zoo animals) from the refugees fleeing the horror. The Staff there knew it needed as much help as it could get and called out over the radio. One of the more famous cries being: naked twister with hot mms nurses at st. eth's roftwood.

The Final Strike

Radio broadcasts, and pleas for help boosted survivor numbers in the Hospital and it continued to hold off the RRF forces until it became the last building standing in Roftwood. At this point, the RRF forces converged and crashed down on the Hospital with all their might in a final co-ordinated strike attack that ripped through the barricades, smashed through all the art, furniture and decorative glassware and dealt a final blow/bite to the survivors inside.

They finally got their Hospital, but just look at the hassle they had to go through to get it.

The Comedy

Of course, with the Malton Medical Staff being involved, this was no ordinary seige. The following are opinions and posts from the RRF open Barhah forums that shows the frustration they had when they had to deal with the MMS.

If barricades were yo-yo's:

Plenty of harmanbargarz at St Ethelbert's Hospital (66, 50). Got in and groaned.
Just to let you guys/gals know the doors to St Ethelbert's Hospital are wide open ATM.
Cades at the hosp were at heavy. I helped open. A LOT of brains in here.
Doors in Ethelbert's are open again. Party!
I'm there the cades are at heavily last time
I got the hosp open again.

Some zombies just don't understand the Malton Medical Staff at all:

They are not even doing anything at ethelberts, just standing around talking.

Well, yes, what else do you want us to do? Play naked Twister with the nurses? Oh, wait...

Radio: naked twister with hot mms nurses at st eth's in roftwood

It's nice to see the RRF get their priorities in order:

No, we actually don't care at the moment about Hildebrand. We're going back to St. Ethelbert's now.

and so they came back to St. Ethelbert's and they stayed... some time much later...

DAMN!!! This hosp just wont fall. Im at work today and will be on a comp. If a few people wanna hop on and coordinate something let me know. I have full ap.
I am kind of dissapointed we havent got the Hospital down yet, specially given how cocky those S.O.B s are in there.

That'll be where zombified at work comes from then and anyway, that's not cockiness, this is:

Frankly, I believe the harmanz should fear us. This is not fear:
Graffiti: Somebody has spraypainted Silly RRF can't even take a hospital! onto a wall.
If they can say after we do take the hospital "Yeah, but you had to ruin half the suburb to soften us up first!" then that's not much of a victory, is it?

Perhaps not, but it's even less of a victory if you had to go through the whole suburb.

Am I the only one who thinks this is freaking ridiculous? 126 zombies can't take one little hospital? After a week of this, I'm about ready to set a time for a coordinated strike. If this is already happening, someone PM me please. I'd love to get in on it.

No, I expect many of the survivors inside thought it was freaking ridiculous that 126 zombies can't take one little Hospital either. Perhaps we had special weapons:

yeah i've been clawing at the hospital forever now! do those Ethelbert sunsuhbiches have a crack construction team in there?
"Noah, Jesus, Bob Villa and Karen: The Super Carpenter Squad."

Not quite, though we do have King Belgarion, the King of Gondor, Bruce Willis, His Majesty, the President, oh, and a six month old baby.

sign me up for a planned ramming of this place. after what's-her-name came out and did that whole stupid musical number I really wanted dinner with my show.

That will be the Head Nurse, and was it Natural Woman or Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep..?

Straight up folks. Coordination is a good thing (sorta....this is the WB after all). If this were the same harmans over and over again on the barricades, then I would start muttering about *gasp* bots. The truth is though, they're a bunch of people who have taken the time and effort to have an eye on the cades pretty damn near 24/7. For that, I both salute and pity them.

Yes, we did keep a close eye on the barricades and there were no *gasp* bots, we just didn't want zombies busting in to watch us play naked Twister, that's beyond kinky, past pervy and through into down right weird.

The Head Administrator, on behalf of the Malton Medical Staff, would like to thank the RRF and other zombies for a very entertaining seige and looking at the messages above, we are sorry to have inadvertantly caused you so much inconvenience.

Groups Involved in the Siege

The following is a list of groups known to have participated. Note that many groups weren't entirely present, but sent whatever contingents, strike teams, swat teams, scouts etc.. they could.

Zombie Groups

plus lots of random ferals

Survivor Groups

A list of all the survivor groups that took part in the siege. Many of the groups are small (less than 10 people) and others sent what re-enforcements they could while battling the horde in their own suburbs.

Note: there were also lots of survivors and residents who took part in the siege who are unaffiliated.

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