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New Staff Help
Malton Medical Staff

Welcome to the Malton Medical Staff Group Pages

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New Staff Info

Helping Newer Players

We all remember how our first day at School was and being new and trapped in a post-apocalyptic, government quarantined city where the dead litter the streets and the undead shamble around in their never ending task to try to eat you is no different. It can be a very scary place and a very nerve-wracking time.

But that's where the Staff come to the rescue. We help new comers to the City and show them that life with zombies can be fun!

  • When starting out, one of the first priorities is to gain Experience Points (XP) to buy skills as quickly as possible and the main way we do this is to call out the names of people who are injured and require an FAK so you don't need to guess who might be injured and waste AP healing those who are already at full health. Remember than you do not need the First Aid skill to use an FAK on somebody.
  • Mid-level Staff can go on medical runs that can gain up to 100XP at a time. Simply stock up on FAK's and AP, plan a careful route and then go! Safe travel and happy healing! Routine medical runs around the suburb will gain you

many XP as there are almost always people around that have been attacked and need healing.

  • Higher level Staff, for whom gaining XP is not a priority, should concentrate on helping the newcomers, maintaining the conversation and doing the more menial tasks of barricading and searching for generators and fuel to maintain the Hospital. This allows lower level Staff to get on with the things that will earn them XP. Higher level Staff should call out the injured and focus on talking to the others in the Hospital to try and grow our numbers. In effect they become mentors for the newer Staff.

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