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Staff Instructions
Malton Medical Staff

Welcome to the Malton Medical Staff Group Pages

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Staff Instructions

Basic Requirements

As a member of Staff, there is some initial paperwork and compliance that is required before you begin work:

  • As a member of Staff, please make sure you have the title: Malton Medical Staff, not MMS or some other variation, as your group affiliation in your character profile. Your description can be anything you like, however please mention the name of the Hospital you work at.
  • Please add the names of the other Staff in your Hospital to your contacts list and colour them in Green. This is so they can be recognized if they are dead, zombified or standing at revive points.

Current Instructions - May 2017

Rendezvous at St. Ethelbert's Hospital for some partying at the ancestral home! Make sure to stay loaded with supplies and keep an eye on the cades since our parties tend to attract plenty of zombie company! Check the forums every now and then.

Please register at our MMS Forum! We need you there. If you find yourself dead, make a revive request on the forum! Or go to a nearby RP and wait patiently. --Morgueasm 13:15, 19 June 2008 (BST)

Ms. Morg's signature is kept up here for my own nostalgia but we have checked this page since 2008 I assure you. Lostfire of the Malton Medical Staff 04:45, 15 March 2014 (UTC)


Please see the section titled Evacuation Procedures should you find yourself dead and unable to be revived in Roftwood.

Please watch this space for more late-breaking status news

Hospital Maintenance

Hospital Administrators are responsible for the upkeep of their Hospital, this is a full time job in itself and includes:

  • Maintaining the barricades of the buildings surrounding the Hospital
  • Keeping the Hospital powered and lit
  • Maintaining the Hospital barricades at the correct level
  • Keeping the conversation flowing
  • Introducing and recruiting new people to the Staff
  • Making contact with local allies and forces
  • Keeping the Hospital hygienic and zombie free
  • Making sure Staff are doing their medical runs and Ambulance responses
  • Maintaining the morale of the Staff, even under siege
  • Making sure the Staff do not get bored, that they always have something to do
  • Keeping the comedy flowing

There is much more to Hospital Administration than just healing and barricading, Hospital Administrators need to look after the Building, the Staff and the patients inside. The Hospital Administrator ultimately has to build up the numbers of Staff inside their own Hospital to the point where a group of Staff can split off and move on to another Hospital.

The list of tasks is daunting, but that is what comes with taking charge of a Hospital and the people inside. Don't forget the Head Administrator will always be there to help, give a hand and give advice.

Medical Information and Activities

Field Trips into Other Suburbs

The medical staff of the Hospital sometimes go on field trips into the suburbs surrounding Roftwood. Staff build up a large collection of First Aid Kits and make 'Ambulance Runs' to support any remaining survivors, Necrotech Buildings in particular. Please consider taking part - think of the humanity (and the XP points you will get)!

Skills You Will Need

To take part in a field trip (or even just daily life), essential skills are:

  • Free Running - vital to pass through the buildings. The staff will be going along free-running lanes
  • Diagnosis - vital to see who needs medical attention
  • First Aid - not mandatory, but each FAK restores 10HP rather than 5HP (without) and so goes further

Items You Will Need

  • For dispensing an effective amount of health care, you will need about 15-20 First Aid Kits, due to the distance between the Hospital and other suburbs, you should still have plenty of FAK's left by the time you get to the areas that really need them. A maximum of 20 is advised, any more and you will have to cut the route short since you will not have enough AP to both travel and heal.
  • A full 50HP (or 60HP with BB) and full 50AP are required before setting off. With 20 FAK's that's already 20AP gone, leaving just 15AP worth of walking at most (since a night on the streets is not recommended), you need AP to get back

Taking Part

To take part, stock up on the requirements, choose a route, announce it to the Staff in-game and off you go - safe-journey and happy healing! Once you have safely returned, having dispensed as much Medical Aid as you can, just make a brief report (in game) to the Staff.

Emergency Plans

Sometimes, the worst can happen, and it can happen often. If a horde is present in overwhelming numbers (such as a Mall Tour) then the Headquarters is likely to fall and in these cases, it is vital to know where to regroup so that Staff and Fans do not become scattered and lost. If the situation is looking hopeless, then the Hospital Administrator will give the order to evacuate the Hospital, in this case, please look to the information below to know where to evacuate to. Once the Staff and Fans regroup, then it becomes easier to start hacking the way back to St. Ethelbert's Hospital (Roftwood) to reclaim it.

Emergency Levels

  1. Hospital is safe, little zombie activity St. Ethelbert's Hospital (Roftwood)
  2. Hospital is under caution, some zombies in the area
  3. Hospital is under infrequent zombie attack, defence required
  4. Hospital is under sustained, heavy attack, targeted by a group, break-ins are regular
  5. Hospital is under attack by overwhelming horde numbers, evacuation called
  6. Staff and Fans in Exile, don't worry, we will return soon

The Head Administrator or Chief Nurse will call out the current status. Should the evacuation call go out, please look below to know where to regroup. Regroup locations are always in Hospitals or buildings that are kept at VSB+2 for those without the Free Running skill.

Regroup Location

See the Current Instructions, above for where to go

Evacuation Procedure

If the evacuation order has been called, then the Hospital is on the verge of being crushed by an overwhelming Horde, the principal Staff are dead so what can we do?

  1. Get Revived : The local revive points in Roftwood can be overwhelmed so you will need to go a little further afield. Tip: Stay on the floor until you have a full 50AP and then make a run/dash/lurch/shamble to the revive point. Use the DEM Request Tool if nobody is reviving you.
    Use these RP's only if you cannot be revived within a day or two. Please keep an eye on this page should you find yourself lost from us.
    • Inside Wadham Library (69, 54), which is one block east of the Greenhow Building NT in north west Roftwood
    • Inside the Wotton Building (63, 51), one block east of the Herbert Building NT in east Roftwood
    The RESCUE policy is in force for these three revive points, please follow and respect it whether you are either zombie or survivor.
  2. Get Healed : there is a high chance you are infected, if you do not have a First Aid Kit spare the first priority after standing up is to go to the nearest Hospital to find one or be healed. Remember each AP knocks one HP while you are infected, think before you move around and always look at the maps on the Wiki otherwise you'll be making your way back to the revive point again. There is also is thread on our forum where you can request one of our members to come and heal you on site.
  3. Get to the Regroup Location : We must regroup and stick together. Read the information on these pages to know our whereabouts Tip: after you have been revived, wait for a full 50AP before getting up and making your way to the regroup point.
  4. Secure the area : Regroup locations have not been visited before and the area is unknown. Secure the barricades of the Hospital and surrounding buildings, just in case. Also, restore power if required. The last thing we need is to be in danger as we try and regroup.
  5. Relax, stock up : after a long siege, your inventory is probably looking pretty empty. Stock up on FAK's, ammo etc.
  6. Introduce yourself : tell the present people who you are, where you're from, news of what's happened etc. The in-game conversation we are famous for hasn't changed - don't lapse into silence.
  7. Wait for the other Staff to arrive : It's going to take quite a few days for everyone to get revived and regroup. Use this time to stock up and be useful to the neighbourhood. Remember that our location is only temporary, the Hospital may belong to another group and the jurisdiction of the Head Administrator is only over Staff, not the regroup Hospital.

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