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  • Author: --Funt Solo QT Scotland flag.JPG
  • Created: June 2006
  • Last updated: October 2008
  • Current release: v2.0
  • Optimised for 1280*768 resolution.
  • This version tested in Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7.
  • Previous version also tested in Opera 9, Safari OSX.


Example showing highlighted malls.
  • NEW: theSuburb name, Mobile phone mast & Billboard overlays now show the colour of the square beneath instead of covering it entirely.
  • NEW: islands overlay.
  • NEW: tagging XP overlays (always beneath mobile phone mast and islands overlays, where there is a conflict).
  • NEW: maximum binocular coverage overlay. A few blocks cannot be seen with binoculars from any building in Malton.
  • NEW: a different colour scheme allows TRPs to be more readily differentiated.
  • The ability to choose to display/not display different building and/or empty block types.
Maximum NecroNet coverage.
  • Shows maximum potential Necronet coverage (and therefore permanent Necronet blind spots).
  • The title text has easter egg functionality: pressing it loads up 13 particularly useful layers. However, everything functions on a toggle effect, so if any of the 13 layers that are switched on by this click are already on, they'll be switched off. (That's why it's an easter egg, for the moment.) The layers include all buildings (i.e. all buildings are grayed on) and then coloured squares for all TRPs, and all landmarks (i.e. the zoo and all large buildings).

Known map incorrectness

Please inform me of any incorrect data you may find.

Known bugs/issues

  • Always starts out blank, so some users don't think it works. (Hint: click the buttons.)
  • Instruction by experimentation: all buttons are toggles.
  • No "clear" button. Browser refresh does the same job.
  • The easter egg toggle problem described above.

Planned updates

  • Fix the easter egg toggle problem.
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